Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nonfiction Picture Book 10 for 10 Day! #nfpb10for10 2.19.15


Nonfiction Picture Book
10 for 10 Day!

Nonfiction books.  Informational texts.  Or as Donalyn has said, "dead presidents and whales".  

Can nonfiction be interesting?


As in anything, the key to wanting to read is finding the books.  Lucky for us, we know about Nerdy Book Club, blogging, Twitter and Goodreads.  Because of my PLN, I rarely read a lousy book.  Now, we just need to pass those books on to our readers.

Here are the Top 10 books I would use to engage reluctant nonfiction readers:

The Spider
The Spider by Elise Gravel
Part of her Disgusting Creatures series, this book
and the others, engage readers by the way
the, er, disgusting creature, interacts
with the reader.  With fun, illustrated pictures,
this series is sure to be a hit with readers.

Saturn Could Sail: and other fun facts (Did You Know?, #7)
Did You Know Saturn Could Sail by Laura Lyn Disiena
Another great series, Did You Know, this one also
has fun, illustrated pictures that will tickle 
the reader's funny bone yet give them
great facts at the same time!

Wolfsnail: A Backyard Predator
Wolfsnail:  A Backyard Predator by Sarah C. Campbell
I found this one after participating in Colby Sharp and John Schu's 
Geisel Challenge last year.  This is a perfect early reader nonfiction title.
Kids won't be able to tear their eyes away from the photos
and the text is so engaging!

Neighborhood Sharks: Hunting with the Great Whites of California's Farallon Islands
Neighborhood Sharks by Katherine Roy
Have you seen this wonderful book that recently 
was awarded a Sibert Honor?  The illustrations
are beautiful and the information fascinating.
I love the easier text on some pages and more
information on others.

Baseball Is . . .
Baseball Is... by Louise Borden
I fell in love with this book last spring.
Borden does an amazing job talking about
so many aspects of baseball but in beautiful verse.
What a gorgeous mentor text for writing.

Handle with Care: An Unusual Butterfly Journey
Handle With Care: An Unusual Butterfly Journey by Loree Griffin Burns
It seems that there are a lot of butterfly books.
The photography and attention to detail in explaining
the journey of these butterflies is wonderful.
Another book to pour over.

Emmanuel's Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah
Emmanuel's Dream by Laurie Ann Thompson
There are some wonderful picture book biographies out there.
This one is a favorite because it spoke to me on so many levels.
Hope, hard work, dreams, believe.
I love the endnotes too - so great to have to show kids
the story continues.

Can We Save the Tiger?
Can We Save the Tiger by Martin Jenkins
This book is so beautiful.  It carries a beautiful
message, but the illustrations are awe inspiring!
Sharing with children that you can learn so much 
from text and illustrations is a positive message!

Sea Turtle Scientist
Sea Turtle Scientist by Stephen Swinburne
I really enjoy the Scientists in the Field series, but this 
one has been my favorite.  The topic is fascinating and
Swinburne does an amazing job highlighting these
mysterious creatures and bringing the little information
we have about them to light.  Students who are ready
for longer informational books will enjoy this one!

The Great American Dust Bowl
The Great American Dust Bowl by Don Brown
This book truly stood the test of time.  My daughter, who is 
very much "is that... *gasp*... nonfiction??" actually
sat down and read this.  Present true information in a graphic novel?
Thank you Mr. Brown for using this format!

Should you have a reluctant nonfiction reader in your class, make a preview pile of these books.  You might just catch a reader trying a new genre!


  1. LOVE this theme! And yes, all of these titles would absolutely work their magic to hook reluctant nonfiction readers! You have some titles I put on my list too! :-) I can't wait to get my hands on Emmanual's Dream and I promised my class to purchase the two new Gravel books!

  2. LOVE Gravel's books! Just shared The Slug with a group of 1st graders yesterday who loved that an adult talked about mucus, repeatedly, in their classroom. Hahaha!

    Great collection of NF books! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Michele, the way you set this up is good. I know about most, but still need to get & read some, too. I've read other books about the dust bowl, but this picture book looks so good, a must read! We're lucky to be in a time when nf picture books are becoming more and more enticing. Thanks for all!

  4. Michele,
    So many new-to-me titles here! I have been flipping back and forth between your post and the library website. I ran across Elise Gravel's titles last week and just loved them! I haven't seen all of her books --- and haven't seen The Spider. Hopefully, they'll arrive from the library soon! Thanks for sharing so many books. As you said, I'm not sure where I would be without my PLN.


  5. So happy you could join us this year. I have to look up the disgusting series books because this title alone is quite interesting!

  6. I definitely need to check out the series The Disgusting Creatures series. I have seen some of the titles at our local indie store. I completely agree---nonfiction is interesting!

  7. Michele, you have given us so many great titles for all readers. I will be making a purchase today thanks to you and #nf10for10 friends.

  8. Michelle - Can We Save the Tigers has been one of my all-time favorite informational texts for several years. I love the illustrations and all the cause/effect and problem/solution conversations that could be had with it!! I have been meaning to read/purchase the shark book for quite some time - your post has put it in my Amazon cart - thanks!!