Tuesday, February 3, 2015

SoLSC The After Emotions of Awards Morning 2.03.15


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Excitement... tears... questioning... surprise...

All emotions that went through me as I watched the ALA Youth Media Awards yesterday morning.  I enjoy watching many of the music award shows.  I rarely watch the Emmy's or the Globes, etc because rarely have I seen the movies they are talking about or the TV shows.  For me, the YMA's are the awards to watch!  


And this year was even more special because this was the year "I got it".  I have been reading kid lit for years.  And years and years.  Last January, was the first time I watched the show live.  Many of the awards were unfamiliar to me.  Many new titles that went on my TBR list.  This year, I felt confident that I had read most of the award winning titles.  In fact, I only have 1 completely new title to go find - the YA Schneider Award, Girls Like Us.  I have a few I need to read - I'll Give You the Sun, Little Melba and Her Big Trombone, How It Went Down, This One Summer, Grasshopper Jungle, Mr. Putter and Tabby Turn the Page and the Newbery winner, The Crossover.


I was so thrilled to hear Beetle by Dan Santat won the Caldecott.  I still remember sitting down reading it for the first time.  I always treasure that first read.  The first interaction with print. The first time looking through the illustrations.  It was a book that I knew would stick with me, one that I wanted to share, one that I knew we would be talking about for awhile.  I've admired Dan Santat's work for some time now, so happy for him.
Cece Bell's book El Deafo is special to me for many reasons.  I have throughly enjoyed meeting Cece several times now, and I'm just thrilled for her to receive the Newbery Honor.  
Tears of joy!


I questioned the number of Newbery Honors.  This seemed to be the year of amazing kid lit.  I was extremely surprised to not see more books recognized with the Honor award - can we say Night Gardener?? Snicker??  14th Goldfish??  At least one of them!  


I was surprised to hear The Crossover announced.  It has definitely received some book love in the blogging world, so I know it's good.  I have a new book going on my TBR list, for sure!  I checked it out at the library once, but never had time to go back to it.  I'll be looking for it with some shiny stickers on it to add to my collection!
I was surprised to hear the number of Caldecott Honors, but thrilled at the same time!  So happy to see some wonderful books recognized - yea for Lauren Castillo and Jon Klassen!

It was a Snow Day, so we'll be reliving all of the excitement at school today.  I know the kids are going to be really excited to hear Beekle and El Deafo winning their awards!

I wonder what will win next year?  I wonder if we've even heard the title yet?


  1. I was also a bit surprised by The Crossover, but will definitely add it to my TBR list. I remember hearing Donalyn talk about it at All Write last summer. It WAS a very exciting year for young lit! Have a great day back. Drive safely!!


  2. Since I read Crossover a long time ago I wasn't surprised, but was surprised that Rain Reign wasn't in the Honor group. I guess we all have our special favorites. I got to hear most of it live, then had to leave for school, & just see the results then. I love all the Caldecott winners, including your dear Beekle. Fun, fun morning!

  3. I was at first disappointed that there were only 2 Honors books, but then I decided that perhaps it makes sense. This was a committee with a VISION and if those were the books they selected as most distinguished, I wonder if traditional narratives fit very well in their discussions. A very bold Newbery committee, for sure--not just for selecting such diverse books (not just authors but also format--a verse novel, a verse memoir, and a graphic novel memoir?!) but also for limiting honors. They surely knew that wouldn't be popular! I had a wonderful time watching the webcast and following the twitter feed yesterday too. I think there were only three major winners I'd never heard of--the Pura Belpre author award titles and then Jenny Hubbard's Printz title. I've read her other Printz book but didn't even know she had a new book in 2014. Can't wait to catch up on the books I've missed, especially the Schneiders!

  4. I, too, was disappointed at the number of Newbery Honor books, but the Caldecott made up for it by choosing SIX! ha. The Crossover is wonderful, and I'm so glad it won. The fact that there were two novels in verse and a graphic novel seemed to make a statement about formats this year. I loved all three! The Youth Media Awards are so special!

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Michelle! (I would have emailed you back, but you are a 'no reply blogger.' I live right near Pleasant Prairie (I'm guessing you go to the RecPlex). We should meet up sometime! :)) Did you get more snow last night? You are right about the snow plows. It is terrible. I'm counting the days until April, too!

    Sweet Writing Life