Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday 6.10.15


I am excited to join Alyson Beecher and other friends in this weekly challenge.  Finding great nonfiction picture books isn't a challenge anymore, there are so many wonderful books to be read now!  The challenge is sharing them with as many people as possible so they can find this wealth of literature to share with our young readers.  Thanks to Aly for starting this weekly link-up and thanks to all who join in!

I, Fly: The Buzz About Flies and How Awesome They Are
I, Fly
The Buzz About Flies and How Awesome They Are
by Bridget Heos

I really wasn't too sure on how awesome flies could be, but I gave it a try.  While I still think they are gross, how could you not, the book confirms, they are dirty, I did learn some facts that you have to admit are interesting.  For example, did you know flies can help police solve crimes?  (the way they do is disgusting but quite interesting.  I'll let you read the book to find out)  Did you know the fly and mosquito are related?  Did you know a fly has hair on its body that senses the swoosh of the air when a fly swatter is trying to swat it?

This is a great book to use in a life-cycle unit.  So often when we study animal life-cycles, it's more likely than not, about butterflies.  Or if you're in a plant unit, it's pumpkins.  But flies have life-cycles too, and this book would be a great book to use.  The humor in the book will keep the facts fun and interesting.  The illustrations, a little like Harry Bliss to me, are colorful and eye-catching.  Keep this book in mind when studying life-cycles.  After all, a fly only lives for 27 days.  That's not many days you'll have to even study it! :)


  1. Okay, I'll try it, Michele. They, like mosquitoes, are certainly on everyone's "hit" list, but they play a part in our lives and we should learn about them. Thanks for persuading with a good book!

  2. Nice! I think students are exposed to the butterfly life cycle often. This does add a new twist. Thanks!

  3. I love how you shared this book with a definite degree of disdain for the subject matter! It is really fun but agreed, flies are icky!

  4. Hah! Thank you for the interesting tidbits that you shared. :) Always good to have these books for young children.