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Like Magic by Elaine Vickers - a review 10.27.16

Like Magic
Like Magic
by Elaine Vickers
published by HarperCollins

There are some universals in life, especially in middle school.  One, and maybe the biggest, is friendship.  It's hard to navigate middle school, figure out who you are, where you fit in at school and at home, and have solid friendships.  I think it's something all kids struggle with at some point or the other.

What I love about this book is how everything is woven together.  There are three main characters and each get to tell their own story in their own chapters.  The reader gets to know each girl while simultaneously piecing their stories together.  Also woven through the story is the fine arts - the power of voice, music, art and creativity.  The fine arts in this book are considered a "treasure" and the girls leave each other a little bit of themselves into a special box.  I love that they get the box from a librarian and the library is a central location for all three girls!

Even with the different voices, readers will be able to easily follow the different story strands.  I think readers will see a piece of themselves within the book and it's a story they will treasure.  Be sure to share the book trailer with students!

Goodreads summary:
This sweet middle grade novel featuring a diverse cast of characters proves that friendship can be just around the corner.

For three ten-year-old girls, their once simple worlds are starting to feel too big. Painfully shy Grace dreads starting fifth grade now that her best friend has moved away. Jada hopes she’ll stop feeling so alone if she finds the mother who left years ago. And Malia fears the arrival of her new baby sister will forever change the family she loves. When the girls each find a mysterious treasure box in their library and begin to fill the box with their own precious things, they start to feel less alone. But it’s up to Grace, Jada, and Malia to take the treasures and turn them into something more: true friendship.

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