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Spotlight Friday - Christmas fun 11.11.16

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I do love the fall and winter holiday seasons!  I love when October arrives and the pretty fall colors are seen (if only I could keep balmy temperatures at this time, it would be perfect!).  The fall colors stay for Thanksgiving, and truth be told, that's my favorite holiday.  We still have the holiday season coming!  Christmas decorations are my favorite.  And while I'm mindful that our students all have different traditions and holidays to celebrate, I'm still on the lookout for wonderful Christmas books to share with my daughter and other young nieces and nephews.  A couple that have popped up this year:

Penguin's Christmas Wish
Penguin's Christmas Wish 
by Salina Yoon
published by Bloomsbury
First this book took my breath away when I saw the dedication.  Salina dedicated this book to Debbie Alvarez.  Debbie was an avid participant in the children's literature scene.  We lost Debbie earlier this year, but I'm thrilled to see this beautiful book dedicated to her.
Like other Penguin books, the true meaning of friendship shines through.  Forget the commercial parts about the holiday, it's about giving from the heart and enjoying the sights and sounds of the holiday.

Goodreads summary:
Penguin can't wait to celebrate Christmas with his family and friends. But when things don't go exactly as planned, Penguin learns to find holiday magic in the most unexpected places.

Maple & Willow's Christmas Tree
Maple and Willow's Christmas Tree
by Lori Nichols
published by Nancy Paulsen books
I love Lori Nichols' illustrations in the Maple and Willow books!  This one stands out with the fir trees that are snow covered.  It makes me, who loves warm weather, even pause at the beauty.  Much rather see it in a book, though!
Maple and Willow are excited to get their first real Christmas tree.  Unfortunately, as soon as it's brought inside, we discover Willow has a bad tree allergy.  Leave it to Maple who finds a wonderful solution to the problem!

The Biggest Smallest Christmas Present
The Biggest Smallest Christmas Present 
by Harriet Muncaster
published by Putnam
Clementine is the smallest kid in the world which means she needs small things.  Her family modifies for her but Santa is needing some nudging.  Clementine tries to write messages (hint, talk to students about ways to get your message across depending on the receiver), but Santa doesn't seem to be getting them.  All she wants is a present that is right for her.  But when she finally gets the perfect present, she realizes maybe her idea of perfect needing some changing after all!  (and I would've LOVED her perfect present as a child!)

Happy Holiday reading!

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