Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Zack Delacruz - Just My Luck, a review 11.17.16

Just My Luck (Zack Delacruz, #2)
Zack Delacruz: Just My Luck
by Jeff Anderson
published by Sterling

Goodreads summary:
Zack Delacruz is back—and eager to meet Abhi, the new girl at school. But things get off to a rough start when he accidentally knocks her to the ground during a game of dodgeball. And whenever he tries to make amends, she just ignores him. Nothing works—not his friends’ advice or his “lucky” cologne. In fact, he just seems more and more cursed! Then, at the Fall Fiesta-val, Zack finally learns the real reason behind Abhi’s cold shoulder . . . but not before total chaos erupts. With a runaway train, exploding confetti-filled eggs, and Abhi’s terrifying older brother, will Zack ever get a chance to talk to his crush? In the end, Zack learns what it means to believe, to listen, and to be a good friend.

This dynamite sequel captures the middle-school experience—and will keep readers laughing from beginning to end.

The thing about middle schoolers is you can't trick them anymore.  They can figure out the truth quickly.  No longer can you pull a fast one over them, now you have to make sure they aren't trying to pull one on you!  

But sometimes we forget what they know and what they don't know.  We forget that they are growing up and even wiser, maybe when we're not ready for that.  Sometimes an author writes for this age, but they've forgotten that middle schoolers know better.  And that middle schoolers know when an author is writing for them.  And that they see the truth and they know when an author is trying to write down.

Jeff Anderson's "Zack Delacruz" series doesn't do that.  It speaks the truth.  It sounds like middle schoolers, even though sometimes I wish they didn't know what they know.  This series will sit well with middle schoolers because it sounds like them, it feels like them, and they are going to relate to the characters.

The themes of the newest installment in the series, Just My Luck, will sound familiar.  There are tones of friendship, believing in yourself, acting like yourself, and figuring out where you fit in in the ever changing setting of middle school.

I'm enjoying the setting of these books - San Antonio, Texas.  I did my student teaching in San Antonio many years ago.  It was in the spring time and I got to experience the city-wide Fiesta.  We have many celebrations in Chicago, but nothing that compares to this.  Celebrating San Antonio heritage and culture, it is a days long party, that everyone prepares  for and participates in.  It was the first time I heard of cascarones - eggs that have been hollowed and filled with confetti.  They are a staple of Fiesta.  I was excited to see that something similar to this would be added into the storyline of this book.  

Middle school classroom teachers and librarians - you will want a copy of this for your collection.  A book that speaks to kids is one that will be checked out quite a bit!

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  1. I'd read it and then give to my nephew.

  2. I loved that first book, and now this one sounds good, too, Michele.

    1. If I should win, I'll pass it on to former colleagues!