Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#road2reading Challenge - upcoming books! 3.07.17

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Finding new and upcoming books is always exciting!  Here are some books to look forward to for readers who are on the #road2reading!

A Pig, a Fox, and Stinky Socks by Jonathan Fenske
A Pig, A Fox, and Stinky Socks 
by Jonathan Fenske
published by Penguin
available now

I first met this silly duo when the first book, A Pig, a Fox, and a Box, won a 2016 Geisel Honor award.  Short, quick chapters, rhyming text and very silly jokes make this a fun book to read.

The rest of the books are upcoming releases so while I haven't had a chance to read them yet, I'm looking forward to reviewing them closer to release dates!  Looks like our readers have some great stories ahead!

Fergus and Zeke
Fergus and Zeke
by Kate Messner
published by Candlewick Press
June 13th, 2017

Coming in around 50+ pages with short chapters, this book looks to be great for those readers who are ready to increase their stamina while still relying on some support.

Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen
Jasmine Toguchi Mochi Queen
by Debbi Michiko Florence
published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux
July 11th, 2017

I just received a copy of this book and I'm really excited to read it!  The chapters look short, there are still some illustrations, text is bigger and has a good amount of space between lines.  Looks to be about 128 pages, so a book that should pair well with readers who are looking for shorter chapter books with decodable words.

Cody and the Rules of Life
Cody and the Rules of Life 
by Tricia Springstubb
published by Candlewick Press
April 11th, 2017

This is the third book in the Cody series and she is a character I love - full of spunk and curiosity!  This is a great transitional chapter book series.  If you haven't met Cody yet, be sure to check her out!

Be sure to check out Alyson Beecher's post as she has even more recent releases for you!

What do you have your readers on the #road2reading checking out right now?  Link up and share!

Happy - upcoming - reading!


  1. I absolutely love mochi (I've eaten freshly made mochi, it's so good!), so Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen sounds absolutely perfect!! :-)

  2. Thanks for the recs, Michele! Hooray! so glad to see Jasmine Toguchi here! Debbi's a friend and agency mate, and she's also participating in my upcoming blog tour for Hello Goodbye Dog too :)