Thursday, August 3, 2017

And now for the intermediate school crowd.... 8.03.17

Finding books that fit the intermediate school crowd can be hard.  Some books are too complex, some too easy - and this crowd knows what they want!  Here are some books that are sure to be a hit with these readers!

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I remember when the Pokemon Go phenomenon started.  Remember hearing the crazy reports of people crashing into things or playing the game at work?  The craze hit people of all ages, all nationalities, all walks of life.  If you had a smartphone, you could play it.

Kim Harrington has taken this craze and brought it to life.  Really.  But in the book.  Our main characters Bex and Charlie love playing Monsters Unleashed.  They just didn't know it was going to be a not so virtual game but more of a real life game!  Ten monsters have escaped from Bex's game and are running around time.  And since only people who have played the game can see the monsters, everyone else thinks some crazy things are happening around time.  It's up to Bex and Charlie, and hopefully some help from their fellow gamers, to save the town.  And while saving the monsters from the town is a big problem, underneath it all there's another one... middle school.  So while our characters are running and chasing the bad guys, they are also trying to figure friendships, family, and figure out how to be cool when middle schoolers say they're not... All of this gets woven together well and the storylines flow.

I am so excited for this series because it's going to really appeal to kids who love to game.  If there is a kids who loves to game, but maybe hasn't found "their" book yet, I am screaming it from the rooftops, "FOUND IT"!!!  I can't wait to get this series into readers hands.  Series?  Yup!  Book 1 and 2 are being released simultaneously on August 1st and the third book in October.

Attack of the Not-So-Virtual Monsters (Gamer Squad #1)          Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind (Gamer Squad #2)
Gamer Squad
Attack of the Not-So-Virtual Monsters and Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind
by Kim Harrington
published by Sterling Children's Books

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The Loser's Club by Andrew Clements
The Losers Club
by Andrew Clements 
published by Random House

My nerdy heart wants to pass this book along to everyone - to those who love reading to those who haven't gotten lost in the pages yet.  What Andrew Clements did for the wonder of words in his book Frindle, this book does for the importance of getting lost within the pages of a book.

Alec just wants to find a quiet place to sit and get lost within the pages of his books - books that are new to him and books that are comfortable and reliable favorites.  But not everyone in his life agrees with this and Alec has to find a creative way to get his reading time in.  With what starts out as a two person club with an ironic name - The Losers Club - during his after school program, Alec learns that sometimes books can help him with his real life problems, and sometimes, he has to rely on people for just a bit of help.

I love how books are celebrated and shared within this story.  I'm interested in finding out if readers take note of the titles mentioned in this book and find their next book to read!

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I hope these books find their way into your libraries this fall!  I think they are going to be a hit with readers!

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