Monday, August 7, 2017

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 8.07.17

This weekly post comes from Jen at Teach Mentor Texts
 and Kellee and Ricki at Unleashing Readers.  
It's a great source to find new books to use with your students.

Last Week's Adventures

Check out this roundup of August releases.

A new series and new book for the intermediate crowd here.

Perfect pairing of insect books - use for a unit or in your science collection!

Some new transitional chapter book series releases for August.

Picture Books

Double Take! a New Look at Opposites
Double Take! by Susan Hood
4/5 stars
This is the newest picture book added to my collection!  I think this book is perfect for older students to talk about perception and looking deeper into things, or looking at them differently.  

Nerdy Birdy Tweets
Nerdy Bird Tweets by Aaron Reynolds
5/5 stars
This is a very important book to read to students of all ages.  Use to talk about social media, especially how you word things on social media.  And use it to talk about how in person contact is changing because of social media.  So important right now.

Super Manny Stands Up!
Super Manny Stands Up! by Kelly DiPucchio
4/5 stars
Great book to use at the beginning of the school year to show the importance of using words to stand up to bullies.  Love the illustrations by Stephanie Graegin.

You Must Bring a Hat
You Must Bring a Hat by Simon Philip
4/5 stars
Will be a fun read aloud.

Early Readers

There's a Pest in the Garden!
There's a PEST in the Garden! by Jan Thomas
5/5 stars
Love this series.  Jan Thomas finds way to add lots of humor into her stories for young readers - I love that this book is readable yet it still has lots of humor.  Lots of the humor is implied which leads this to be used as a mentor text to teach young readers to look for what the author doesn't tell you in words yet adds to the story.

Middle Grade

Smart Cookie
Smart Cookie by Elly Swartz
5/5 stars
I fell in love with Finding Perfect last year.  And now I'm in love with Smart Cookie.  Loved the characters, loved the story, loved how things come together.  It's also a fresh take on a family that has lost a family member.  I'll have a much longer review closer to publication... which isn't until January 2018!  So sorry, but just know you have great reading ahead of you!

Clayton Byrd Goes Underground
Clayton Byrd Goes Underground by Rita Williams-Garcia
4/5 stars
I love that this book spotlights the relationship between a grandson and his grandfather.  
Rita has such a way with words, this one is no exception!

Currently Reading

The First Rule of Punk
The First Rule of Punk 
by Celia C. Pérez
I am over halfway through this book and I am LOVING it.  This book is going to be loved by many readers this fall.

Last two weeks of summer reading coming up.  How many books can I get in while getting everything else in?  Yikes, we shall see!  How did you do with your summer reading?


  1. I didn't even realize Smart Cookie won't be out until next year. I read it and enjoyed it, but such a long time before I can get my hands on a copy for my students! It's worth the wait!

  2. Great list of books this week. I can't wait to read a new Susan Hood book. Super Manny sounds great. All three middle grade books are on my TBR list. Elly Swartz will be on my blog on Thursday talking about her books.

  3. Love seeing more Clayton Byrd love! Want to take a look at this Jan Thomas series. Spotted it at the bookstore the other day but forgot to take a closer look. Can imagine it is hilarious!

  4. Aaron Reynolds is coming to the store next month. I should read more of his books.

  5. I have Clayton Byrd on my list, and now Smart Cookie which I just read about. Thanks for Double Take, Michele. It sounds good!

  6. May have to look at Nerdy Bird Tweets. Might be good to share even with middle school students. I can't wait to see a print copy of Punk, since the graphics didn't load well on the E ARC/

  7. The First Rule of Punk looks like a fun book! I need to add that one to my TBR pile.

  8. Haven't read any of these. Want to read all of them :)
    Thank you for the August release post--thank you for always keeping me in the loop ;-P

    Happy reading this week!

  9. Super Manny looks like an awesome book to start the new school year! More kids need to learn how to stand up for others. I also enjoyed Smart Cookie, although it made me crave homemade cookies!

  10. The First Rule of Punk is at the top of my list! I am glad to hear that you are loving it so far!

  11. Ah - another great review for Smart Cookie - can't wait to get it!

  12. I am looking forward to Nerdy Bird Tweets. I loved Nerdy Birdy. I think Smart Cookie will have to go on my MustReadIn2018 list.
    Clayton Byrd Goes Underground, like anything by Rita Williams-Garcia, is so delightful.