Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday - nonfiction in my stacks 3.14.18

Artwork by Sarah S. Brannen ©2017
Every Wednesday I join Alyson Beecher from kidlitfrenzy and other
kidlit bloggers to share wonderful nonfiction picture books.
The intention of today's blog post is to give professionals that work in the
education field new nonfiction reading material and ideas to use 
with students to promote a love of reading nonfiction materials.

Here are some books that have been in my nonfiction stacks...

Made for Each Other by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Made for Each Other: Why Dogs and People are Perfect Partners
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Dog lovers are going to want to get lost in this book.  Between the information and photographs, I have no doubt that many readers will flock towards this book.
This is a chapter book but I love the length and readability.  This book will appeal to those readers who are ready to move beyond picture books.

Pinocchio Rex and Other Tyrannosaurs by Melissa Stewart
Pinocchio Rex and Other Tyrannosaurs
written by Melissa Stewart and Steve Brusatte
illustrated by Julius Csotonyi
I have some dinosaur enthusiasts that are going to be so excited for this book!
When I first began teaching in the early 1990s, I always taught a unit on dinosaurs because it was PreK and so many kids had a fascination with dinos!  After reading this book, I can't believe how many new discoveries have been found - and so recently!  

Chef Roy Choi and the Street Food Remix by Jacqueline Briggs Martin
Chef Roy Choi and the Street Food Remix
written by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and June Jo Lee
illustrated by Man One
I am so grateful for the ALA awards and NCTE awards to letting me know about books.  This title is one I first saw at NCTE and then when it was announced in February as a Sibert Honor, it reminded me I needed to get ahold of this book.  
Very cool read, which I should have known anyway since it's a part of the Readers to Eaters series (check them out if you haven't already!)

Snowy Owl Invasion! by Sandra Markle
Snowy Owl Invasion! Tracking an Unusual Migration
by Sandra Markle
I absolutely love Markle's books - they are so clear and structured in the way she writes, it makes it so easy for the reader to follow along in her books.  This one is about the snowy owl and how in 2013 so many of them migrated to the U.S.  What caused this migration?  Will it happen again?  Where have they gone?  Markle asks the questions that we all want to know and lays out the information in an easy to follow along book.  One that is lengthy enough to appeal to older readers, but is straightforward enough for the younger readers to comprehend.

Hope you found another nonfiction book to check out!  Happy reading!


  1. I have Chef Roy Choi on hold, but it is very popular, still waiting. I love the Markle books, too, hope to find the one about Snowy Owls. Thanks for all, Michele. There are many to read and enjoy for sure!

  2. It's great that more people are picking up the Chef Roy book since the awards.

  3. Oh I need to find the dog book. It looks cute.

  4. Loved Snowy Owl invasion & the Patent book is a must read for the dog lover in me!!! I have Chef Roy Choi on hold too & Melissa's book in my to-read pile :)