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#road2reading Challenge - Chapter Book Summer, week 1 - 6.13.19

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This summer I'll be sharing chapter books that are perfect for a range of readers.  
Stop by every Thursday and find a round up of books you'll want to use with your readers!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that a passion of mine is to share books that are appropriate for our younger readers - those who are starting their independent reading journey and those who are older but may need some supports.  This summer I'm featuring a round-up of books that are good for....

  • readers who are just starting chapter books.  They need shorter chapters, but high interest plots they will want to stick with.
  • readers who are older who need shorter books because they are still working on stamina.
  • readers who are looking for longer books - they want chapters - but aren't ready for middle grade novels yet.
  • readers who aren't quite ready for the complexities of longer novels.
No matter the length, no matter the size of the words, all of these books are engaging stories with high interest plots and memorable characters.  Some books make you laugh, some make you think, some you'll want to talk about.

This week I have a round-up of books that give just the right amount of chills!  Kids are always asking for the creepy and scary books - even if sometimes they don't really want the scariest!  Here are a few that might give them what they are looking for!

The Haunted House Next Door by Andrés Miedoso
Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol:  The Haunted House Next Door
written by Andres Miedoso
illustrated by Victor Rivas
In this series our main character is also our author :)  Andres and his family have just moved into a new home.  Thanks to neighbor Desmond Cole, now he knows it is a haunted house!  Luckily for Andres, Desmond is on Ghost Patrol and knows just how to handle the spiritual realm.  Andres and Desmond team up together and the rest of the series are about them handling the local spirits!  
Short chapters, larger font, and illustrations on every page make this a chapter book series that is perfect for those readers who are ready for longer texts (just over 100 pgs), but won't take them weeks to finish reading.  

Brute-Cake: A Branches Book (The Binder of Doom #1)
The Binder of Doom series
by Troy Cummings
I bet you're already familiar with "The Notebook of Doom" series.  It's well loved by readers, but has come to an end.  Now we're at the start of a new series by Cummings.  Alexander and his best buds from "The Notebook of Doom" series are back and so are the monsters.  It's time for the Super Secret Monster Patrol to team up again and make sure the town of Stermont is clear of monsters.  This time, all file notes go in a, you guessed it, a binder.
Although this series is shorter in length (coming in under 100 pgs), the font is a bit smaller, text longer, and plot just a bit more complex that the "Desmond Cole" series.  However as part of the Branches series, you know there will be lots of visual supports along the way to help the reader. 
The first book in the series is out and the second will come our way in September.

The Night Door by Frank Cammuso
Edison Beaker Creature Seeker: The Night Door
by Frank Cammuso
A graphic novel to complete this round-up of creepy books!  Edison is a character who is always afraid of the dark.  To help him, his father gives Edison a flashlight to keep away the nighttime monsters.  Soon after gifting him the flashlight, his father disappears.  A few years go by and now Edison and his younger sister, Tesla, are being watched over by their Uncle Earl.  Uncle Earl gets a work phone call and they are all off to go get rid of some pests as part of the family business, Creature Seekers Pest Control.  It's very quickly we realize that the pests aren't of the buggy nature, but actual monsters.  Edison and Tesla have to go through the Night Door in order to save their Uncle Earl.  Fighting monsters, creatures and his own fears, it's up to Edison to keep his family together.  Full of just enough creatures and suspense to give you the shivers, this series (next book publishes in November) is sure to be a hit!

Hope you found a new series to add to your library!  Keep stopping by on Thursdays this summer to find some other books for your newly independent readers!

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