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#road2reading Challenge - books for independent readers - 11.21.19

All journeys have a starting place.
This is a weekly place to find books and tools
that you may use with readers 
at the start of their independent reading journey.
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I've got some early readers this week for your readers who are beginning to read independently.  Check these fun books out!

Can You See Me? by Bob Staake
Can You See Me?
by Bob Staake
This book is part of the Random House "I Can Read It All By Myself Beginner Books" series and it is definitely reminiscent of a Dr. Seuss book.  Told in rhymes, a color-changing animal camouflages itself against different colors while children try to spot it.  There are a few words that are tricky - daredevil pilot, tulip, peppermint - that will have young readers really relying on comprehension and the illustrations to figure them out, however most of the words are decodable as part of a rhyme.  I think this book will definitely appeal to young readers.

Bear Is Awake! by Hannah E Harrison
Bear is Awake! An Alphabet Story
by Hannah E. Harrison
I was wondering how this would be an alphabet story, but if it is done by Hannah Harrison, I knew it would be good!
Told in just a few words, all beginning with a consecutive letter of the alphabet, an entire story is told.  Starting with a bear waking up in the middle of winter and finding a surprised little girl in her cabin, and then going through their day.  Full of surprises and funny events, this book will have young readers pouring through the illustrations.  Some words are easily figured out as they match illustrations, others will require a stronger vocabulary - intrigued, kaput, oblivious.
I've read through this alphabet book a few times now and I keep finding something else to notice!  

by Aiko Ikegami
Wordless picture books are some of my favorite books to use with readers because kids can make stories from pictures.  They do this naturally and I love to see the things they see in the story that I might miss.
In Hello, we see a friendship emerge from two characters who come from different planets where spoken language may be a barrier, but drawing becomes a common language.  It's a beautiful friendship story

Horse & Buggy Paint It Out! by Ethan Long
Paint It Out!
by Ethan Long
This book reminded me just a little bit of the interactions you find in the Elephant and Piggie books or the Ballet Cat books.  Horse is getting ready to paint a mural with some help from his friend, Buggy (a fly), but Horse gets more paint on himself than the wall.  With help from his friend, they work together and get the mural painted.
Readers will enjoy the humor in this story!

See Me Play by Paul Meisel
See Me Play
by Paul Meisel
I like the stories Meisel has created at this beginning reading level.  They often feature animals, especially dogs, and there is always a humorous ending.  So often these lower level books are so dry because of the controlled text, but Meisel always is able to add a funny spin to his stories.

Penny and Her Sled by Kevin Henkes
Penny and Her Sled
by Kevin Henkes
I think this is my favorite Penny book since Penny and Her Marble!  Penny is such a determined young character and this time she takes on the weather!  Penny's determination is no match for the weather, and no matter how much she wants it to snow, it just doesn't happen.  But Penny is also very creative and even if she can't use her sled in the snow, she finds new ideas for it.  It's Penny's mom who gets her to think outside of the box and find something snow-y to wait for!

Hope some of these great stories find their way into your students' hands!

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