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#road2reading Challenge - Dynamic Duos! 11.07.19

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Today is a roundup of books featuring dynamic duos!  These books show friendship at its best - even when it's hard to be friends these duos show how to use cooperation and their words to accomplish anything!

Frank and Bean by Jamie Michalak
Frank and Bean
written by Jamie Michalak
illustrated by Bob Kolar
I'm really hoping this will be a series because there is so much in here that young readers will enjoy.  Friendship, music, and laughter prevail with these two unlikely friends.  Frank (the hot dog) likes is quiet, calm, and predictable.  Bean (the, uh, bean...) is loud, silly, and doesn't always understand social cues.  Frank is a writer, although he likes to keep his writing under wraps.  Bean is a musician who is looking for a song.  While the ending may be predictable, it's pretty funny how they get there!
This book is perfect for readers of the King and Kayla series.

Monkey & Robot by Peter Catalanotto
Monkey and Robot: Friends and Neighbors
by Peter Catalanotto
This is the third book in the series, but the first I've read!  I will definitely be checking out the other books.
It is a graphic novel that has episodic chapters.  (added to note that this is the first graphic novel format in the series, the other 2 books are early chapter books)  The stories reminded me a lot of Frog and Toad - 2 friends that have different personalities.  Each story has a simple problem and one of the friends helps solve it.  Lots of inferring opportunities in the stories.  Perfect for grades 2 and 3 readers!

The Great Louweezie by Erica S. Perl   Lost and Found by Erica S. Perl 

Happy Fell by Erica S. Perl   All the Fun Winter Things #4 by Erica S Perl
Arnold and Louise series
written by Erica S. Perl
illustrated by Chris Chatterton
This dynamic duo is also perfect for talking about character traits since they are pretty much the opposite of each other!  Arnold the bear and Louise the chipmunk are best friends even if they don't always see eye to eye.  Each book has about five chapters and comes in at just under 60 pages.  Each book has a problem that carries on throughout the entire book and often has the two characters at opposite ends of the problem.  But their friendship is stronger than their problem and they always find a way to work it out. 
Great for 1st-3rd grade readers.

Chick and Brain by Cece Bell
Chick and Brain: Smell My Foot!
by Cece Bell
Another one that I hope will become a series.
This early graphic novel format chapter book is a silly story featuring the characters of Brain (character with super big feet, body, and a large brain for hair) and Chick (character that is... well, a chick).  Chick is a super polite character who expects all the characters to be super polite as well, nagging them until they are all super frustrated.  Brain, who readers will expect to be super smart, doesn't come off that way except Brain is the only character who can infer danger.  Another good one to use for inferring!

Warren & Dragon Volcano Deluxe by Ariel Bernstein   Warren & Dragon Scary Sleepover by Ariel Bernstein
Warren & Dragon series
written by Ariel Bernstein
illustrated by Mike Marlbrough
Here are books three and four in the series (they do not have to be read in any particular order).  Warren is a second grade boy and Dragon is his best friend (of the imaginary sort... he's actually a dragon stuffed animal).  Each book focuses on a real-life problem which makes this such an engaging series for young readers - they can see themselves within the pages of the book.
In Volcano Deluxe, Warren learns to put aside his wants and desires and do something nice for others.
In Scary Sleepover, Warren learns to not always listen to the crazy advice of his best friend, and to face his fears with the help of another friend.  He also figures out that using his voice and speaking up often is the best advice!
This transitional chapter book series is perfect for young readers who are looking for longer books with chapters but are still building stamina.  I recommend this series for mature kindergarten readers through third grade readers.

Hope you found some books for the readers in your life!  Maybe they can read... with  friend!

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  1. Excited for Frank & Bean! It looks very sweet. Love that cover for Smell My Foot--so funny!!