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#road2reading Challenge - new books for readers - 4.02.2020

All journeys have a starting place.
This is a weekly place to find books and tools
that you may use with readers 
at the start of their independent reading journey.
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Educators and parents who are looking for books for their readers who are reading books that are a bit longer, but are books they can read independently - with supports like picture clues, sight words and decodable words, and plots that are easy to follow along with - here are some newly released books to find!

Chick and Brain by Cece Bell
Chick and Brain: Egg or Eyeball?
by Cece Bell
This one will no doubt leave young readers with the giggles.  I like that the characters stay true to who they are, even when it sounds a little bit like "who's on first?"

Fergus and Zeke and the Field Day Challenge by Kate Messner
Fergus and Zeke and the Field Day Challenge
written by Kate Messner
illustrated by Heather Ross
The first thing I thought of when I read this one was the number of Field Days that would be cancelled to this year's pandemic.  That's a sad thought.
But the book is a lot of fun - two classroom mice get caught up in the Field Day fun at their school.  Activities will be familiar to readers and the treat at the end will leave all readers hungry!
Look for this one on April 14th.

Swim, Mo, Swim! by David A. Adler
Swim, Mo, Swim!
written by David A. Adler
illustrated by Sam Ricks
Another Field Day story!  Mo and his teammates are in competition where medals and ice cream are at stake.  Mo competes last and winning is on the line for his event - swimming in the lake.  Mo ends up getting nibbled on by a fish while swimming which makes him swim so fast he ends up winning the race.  Prizes are awarded and everyone is happy.

Charlie & Mouse Outdoors by Laurel Snyder
Charlie and Mouse Outdoors
written by Laurel Snyder
illustrated by Emily Hughes
Charlie and Mouse take the power of telling stories with them as they go camping in the great outdoors.

Snail Finds a Home by Mary Peterson
Snail Finds a Home
by Mary Peterson
Snail lives in a rusted bucket that is full of strawberries and is very content.  Until he eats so many strawberries he throws up... So he has to go find a new home, but the home he's most interested in is on the other side of a chicken coop.  Despite the threat of being eaten by a chicken, Snail decides to go for it!

King & Kayla and the Case of the Unhappy Neighbor by Dori Hillestad Butler
King and Kayla and the Case of the Unhappy Neighbor
written by Dori Hillestad Butler
illustrated by Nancy Meyers
King and friends are on a new case.  This time they are defending their friend, Thor.  Thor has been accused by their grumpy neighbor, Mr. Gary, of dumping his garbage and making a mess, dug up his garden, and pooped in his yard!  Luckily, King uses his super sniffer to smell out the real culprit!

World of Reading by Marvel Press Book Group
This is Black Widow
written by Elana Cohen
illustrated by Michela Frare
This one is not a chapter book but I wanted to make sure and cover it here because kids love super hero books.  It's books like these that get kids excited to read.  Kids who are still working on putting complex reading skills together need books they want to read to keep them going and seeing familiar characters in decodable books is exciting for them!

* Looking to find one of the books in this post?  Click on the book title and you will be taken to an online link for Brain Lair Books.  Please support independent book stores*
Let's keep kids reading during this time.  Hope you can find one to share with a reader!

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