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#road2reading Challenge - new chapter books - 4.09.2020

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Today I have some new chapter books for you.  These books run just over 100 pages.  Long enough that it should take some time to read and require more stamina than picture books and shorter chapter books.

Hotdog! #1 by Anh Do
Hot Dog!
written by Anh Do
illustrated by Dan McGuiness
Picked this one up from my Scholastic order because I thought it would appeal to young readers.  Has a bit of The Bad Guys flair - illustrated, humorous, animal characters.  
The friends are on a quest to help a baby bird find its mom.  Of course nothing goes right and they have to use a lot of creativity for their mission.
Give this one to readers who are looking for something that isn't too long, has humor and gags, and likes a lot of pictures to break up the amount of words on a page.

Wannabe Farms by Brian McCann
Wannabe Farms
by Brian McCann
This rhyming chapter book (yup, almost the entire book is told in rhyme) is a hilarious look at a farm whose animals decide to take control of their destiny.  What happens is a big mess... or is it?  What happens when a creative idea takes a new turn?  Is it a mess or is it a new genius idea?
A silly story that takes a look at thinking outside of the box and rolling with some new ideas.

Disney Before the Story: Elsa's Icy Rescue
Disney's Before the Story Series
Elsa's Icy Rescue
written by Kate Egan
illustrated by Mario Cortes


Disney Before the Story: Anna Finds a Friend
Anna Finds a Friend
written by Kate Egan
illustrated by Elisabetta Melaranci
This is a new series and there are three books that have published (the other one featuring a young Mulan) in the series with more coming.  
Each of the books take place before the Disney movie versions of the stories.  The characters are young, closer in age to the potential reader.  And with all new stories featuring well-loved characters, readers will enjoy diving into the worlds that are so familiar to them.  Just over 100 pages, these chapter books are a bit longer with some layouts not having any illustrations.  But with well known characters and settings, readers will feel right at home when reading!
Since this series is not tied to a "princess" theme, I would love to see some of the male Disney characters get their own stories too!

Happy chapter book reading!

* Looking to find one of the books in this post?  Click on the book title and you will be taken to an online link for Brain Lair Books.  The books will stay on the link for approx. three weeks before making room for new reads.  Please support independent bookstores.*

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