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#road2reading Challenge - Chapter Book Summer series - Best Friends Are Forever books - 6.18.2020

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This summer I'll be sharing chapter books that are perfect for a range of readers.  
Stop by every Thursday and find a round up of books you'll want to use with your readers!

Today's round-up feature some books about BFFs.  Kids (and adults) want to be accepted by people, especially people they feel could be part of a friend group.  Finding a best friend, feels... well, magical!  

Hand-Me-Down Magic #1 by Corey Ann Haydu
Hand-Me-Down Magic series
Stoop Sale Treasure
written by Corey Ann Haydu
illustrated by Luisa Uribe
Friendship and magic go hand in hand in this chapter book.
Alma has just moved from a lake side community to a busy city.  She lives in a building with lots of family.  Alma's family lives on the top floor of the building, below them are an aunt and cousin.  Below them is her BFF and cousin, Del and family.  Below them is her beloved Abuelita.  Finally, the first flow of the building is the second-hand store the family runs.
Del believes there is magic everywhere you look in the store.  Sometimes it's not even the things in the store that are magical, but the people.  Magic, magic, magic.  Del loves it but Alma isn't quite ready to believe everything.  When Del finds some special dangly earrings, she feels like there are magical properties to them and talks about them nonstop to Alma.  Alma is already having a tough time - she's happy to be with family, but misses her home by the lake - and now her cousin is having non-stop good luck.  When will Alma have some?  Alma makes a decision that she has to live with, or learn how to fix.
Luisa Uribe's illustrations fit perfectly in this realistic fiction story and are a delight to find on almost every page.  Readers never go more than one full layout before getting another visual to help them picture the story.
This story comes in at just over 100 pages, this story is perfect for readers who are just starting longer books.  The first two books in the series just published and the third book is coming soon!

Horrible Harry Says Goodbye by Suzy Kline
Horrible Harry Says Goodbye
written by Suzy Kline
illustrated by Amy Wummer
I can't believe it's Harry's last book.  I've introduced so many kids to this series.  The friendship between Harry and Doug is as true of a friendship as one I've ever seen!  They compliment each other in so many ways.  Harry is one of my favorite characters to introduce kids to - he's a character that has a heart of gold who ultimately makes some bad decisions but never because he wants to hurt anyone, he's just always trying to have fun.
In this story, Kline lets all of us say goodbye to Harry.  He's moving a few towns over, but will no longer go to school with Doug and the others.  Instantly Doug is devastated, but Harry doesn't seem to be affected by the news at all.  What will happen on the day they have to say goodbye?
If you don't have this series, start looking for it!  The first book, Horrible Harry in Room 2B, is a must-have!
In the author's note, Kline tells us it was editor Nancy Paulsen who helped develop the series.  Knowing that Nancy had involvement in this series makes perfect sense.  She has such an eye for what kids love!

Nina Soni, Former Best Friend by Kashmira Sheth
Nina Soni series
Former Best Friend
written by Kashmira Sheth
illustrated by Jenn Kocsmiersky
Meet Nina, an Indian American, who has a heart of gold, is expressive, loves to make lists, and think things through in a logical way.
As soon as we meet Nina, she is having friend problems.  Her best friend, Jay, is spending more time with his cousins and grandparent than with her.  That must mean he doesn't want to be best friends anymore, right?  And when Nina is talking to him, using some big hand gestures, she accidentally knocks over his art creation and breaks it.  He's also going to not want to be her friend because of that, too, right?  Nina learns that sometimes you have to keep emotions out of guesses or else you'll come up with the wrong idea!
Nina is a relatable character - friend problems, little sister problems, homework problems - yup, kids will relate to her!  This series comes in at over 100 pages, under 150 pages, and a trim book size.  A chapter book that gives some length, but isn't overwhelming long.
Be sure to also find the next book in the series, Nina Soni: Sister Fixer!

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