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#road2reading Challenge - Chapter Book Summer series - Harper Chapters series - 6.25.2020

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This summer I'll be sharing chapter books that are perfect for a range of readers.  
Stop by every Thursday and find a round up of books you'll want to use with your readers!

I love that publishers are sitting up and taking notice of a group of readers who are needing books.  The kids who want something a little longer.  The readers who want a story that continues over chapters.  But not too long.  But not too complex.  Scholastic has given us the Branches line for years and has followed it up with the Acorn line which are chapter books/graphic novels for the younger crowd.  Penguin has created Penguin Workshop and Simon and Schuster has the QUIX line.  Now Harper Collins has a new line called Harper Chapters.

Characteristics of these books:

  • illustrations on every page, some in color!
  • at the end of every chapter there is a line of squares that are equal to the number of chapters in the book.  When a chapter is completed, another square is colored in.  It's a visual celebration for the reader - whether it helps them know how much longer in the book or knowing they finished another chapter
  • the characters sometimes cheer you on at the end of a chapter
  • at the halfway point (ish), at the end of the chapter there is a question that makes you think about what is happening or predict what will happen
  • at the end of the book there is a congratulations page with lots of data - the numbers of chapters, pages, and words read.  Plus the characters are there cheering you on.
  • we hope stories help readers think, feel, and act - there are ideas at the end of each book to encourage readers to think, feel, and act more about the book
All of these characteristics can be helpful, the most important part is the story... is it a good story?  There are two series published now, and a third publishing in July.

The Candy Caper by Tom     Watson
The Trouble at Table 5 series
written by Tom Watson
illustrated by Marta Kissi
Written by the author that gave us the Stick Dog and Stick Cat series, this series is a realistic fiction series featuring a trio of friends and their adventures at school.  Featuring characters "with neuro-sensitivity and alternative learning styles", readers will enjoy reading how these characters attempt to problem solve in a familiar setting.

Sparkleton #1 by Calliope Glass
Sparkleton series
written by Calliope Glass
illustrated by Hollie Mengert
Seeing how popular the Branches' Unicorn Diaries series is with readers, I think Sparkleton already has a huge fan base!
Featuring a wide cast of unicorn characters, this series features Sparkleton, the unicorn who is waiting for his magic to arrive.  He's hoping for wish-granting magic, like his big sister and gramma.  Sparkleton is a little headstrong, but has a big heart, especially for his friends.  And he does have a lot of friends!  After reading the first book, I'm not sure I remember all of them but perhaps that will come over time as more books are published!

Battle of the Bad-Breath Bats by David  Bowles
13th Street series
written by David Bowles
illustrated by Shane Clester
Don't tell the others, but this one is my favorite!
Something for kids who are looking for a spooky tale (but maybe not that spooky).  
Three cousins have found a mysterious street, 13th Street, that doesn't appear on any maps.  On this street they have to use their brains and street smarts to defeat some creepy characters, but also meet some new and spooky friends!

Each series will be a four-book series that will publish over the next year.  There are four more series that will be publish between 2021-2022.  I think they will all be a hit with readers this fall.  I like that each series is different - genres... characters...  There is something for everyone and more to come!

All journeys have a starting place.
This is a weekly place to find books and tools
that you may use with readers 
at the start of their independent reading journey.
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