Monday, August 9, 2021

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 8.09.21

This weekly post comes from Jen at Teach Mentor Texts
 and Kellee and Ricki at Unleashing Readers.  
It's a great source to find new books to use with your students.

Last Week's Adventures

Do you ever talk about  being a changemaker in your classroom?  Some books you'll want to have!

Some chapter books that are real mysteries for readers who are starting to read chapter books!

A new professional read that will have you thinking about your nonfiction units all year long.  And there's a giveaway!

Picture Books

Kiyoshi's Walk
Kiyoshi's Walk
written by Mark Karlins
illustrated by Nicole Wong
This would be good to use as a mentor text for writing - how do you get your ideas?  While this focuses on poetry, all writing can be discussed.  Kiyoshi goes for a walk with his grandfather and is taught how his grandfather gets his ideas to write his beautiful haikus.

Halal Hot Dogs
Halal Hot Dogs
written by Susannah Aziz
illustrated by Parwinder Singh
A story that celebrates the traditions of a Muslim child (the author is Palestinian-American Muslim, so I'm assuming the same, although it does not specifically mention) and his family.  Lots of traditional foods are mentioned and there is a glossary at the end that gives more specifics about the food.

We Became Jaguars
We Became Jaguars
written by Dave Eggers
illustrated by Woodrow White
Oooh, I loved this one.  A story about a young boy and his grandmother who go on an imaginative journey as jaguars.  It was lyrical and beautiful and fun!

written by Baptiste Paul and Miranda Paul
illustrated by Esteli Meza
The concept of peace can be a tricky one for younger readers.  The comparisons the authors give will help make the idea a bit more concrete.  The authors have a note at the end that talks about how while peace is often thought of between humans, but peace has a direct correlation with animals and nature, which we see throughout this book.  Beautiful.

My Voice Is a Trumpet
My Voice is a Trumpet
written by Jimmie Allen
illustrated by Cathy Ann Johnson
Written by country music artist, Jimmie Allen, this book talks about the many ways someone can use their voice to do good.  While there is quick mention that sometimes voices can be quiet, it really focuses on the importance of using your voice to create change and do good.

Young Adult

by Yamile Saied Méndez
This was on my #mustread list and I'm glad I finally got to it.  I loved the message of girl power, feeling strong about yourself, and not succumbing  to toxic masculinity.  Great messages for girls today.


The Plot
The Plot
by Jean Hanff Korelitz
I bought this one earlier this summer because it was touted as amazing and you won't believe the twist.  
Yeah, I guessed the twist well in advance.
I had a hard time getting into this one and I kept waiting for it to get to where I wouldn't be able to put it down.  It never happened.  By the time it picked up at all, I knew who the bad guy was, just needed to get to the end.
I'm in the minority about this one, but it reminded me why I don't love adult reads.  I have a few more to go in my pile too...

Currently Reading

The Last Thing He Told Me
The Last Thing He Told Me
by Laura Dave
This one gripped me from the beginning!  I want to read it quickly to find out what happens!

I apologize for not commenting on blogs last week and I'm sure this week will be iffy too.  My daughter leaves for Tokyo this coming weekend and things have been crazy around the house!  Lots of Games preparation here!


  1. I liked the Last Thing He Told Me, too. I also heard great things about The Plot. I got it from the library and tried starting it a few times - I couldn't get into it so I just abandoned it. How exciting for your daughter - best of luck to her!

  2. I noted We Became Jaguars, already have Peace on hold along with The Last Thing He Told Me. I need to read Furia, too, I know! Thanks, Michele!

  3. Very excited for your daughter and your family - soak those moments in! No need to apologize - you give so much back to the children’s lit community. Special family
    Memories being created. Enjoy.

  4. I feel the same way about adult fiction. I just read Dial A for Aunties and it was a light, entertaining read. We Became Jaguars and Peace are in my stack. Will check them out this week! Just ordered Halal Hot Dogs. Thanks and good luck this week.

  5. What a great set of books! So many people seem to be enjoying Furia—I need to get to it, but I'm already drowning in YA books I haven't read as is! (A lot of the YA I read ends up being graphic novels, I think just because so many YA books are a bit longer than I prefer.) And I have a copy of Kiyoshi's Walk waiting to be read!

    I'm sorry you had a bad time with The Plot—I've heard good things about it too, but I really do get the sense that, with adult books, there's a sizable amount of them that just don't have much going on, and it's a lot harder to track down the ones that are really well-written and interesting! I feel like, with kidlit, I can often pick up whatever and be utterly blown away (or at least interested).

    Don't stress about commenting! I wish your daughter well at the Paralympics, and I am excited to hear how things go for her! And I wish you well in getting your daughter ready to head off to the Paralympics as well! Thanks so much for the great post!

  6. Life is busy - no need to apologize for that! Heading off to Tokyo, how exciting!!!

  7. You have lots of interesting sounding books on your list today. I started Furia, but it didn't work for me. I'm excited that my library has copies of Halal Hot Dogs! I just have to wait for it.