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#road2reading Challenge - Chapter Book Summer series - books for kids who love dogs - 8.12.21

It's the dog days of summer, so might as well do a roundup of dog books for our chapter book readers!  Here are some new books that are sure to delight canine lovers!

Mitzy's Homecoming by Allison Gutknecht
Pet Pals: Mitzy's Homecoming
written by Allison Gutknecht
illustrated by Anja Grote
The first book in the series focuses on four friends that live in an animal shelter.  Each has its own quirk and backstory.  In this first book, we meet Mitzy, a toy poodle, who is enthusiastic over everything.  When she is brought home for a weekend trial, readers will be surprised with the outcome.
This is part of Simon and Schuster's Quix chapter book series.  Like other books in this line, the chapter books start with a list of characters.  It's helpful for readers to have a little bit of information before starting the story.  There are the usual six chapters and a glossary at the end of the story.  Also included are questions that can be used for discussion afterwards.  I don't see too many readers stopping at the questions but they are perfect to use if grownups are reading along with their young one and are looking for ways to continue the conversation.  Most pages have large illustrations that break up the word amount, as well as large font and a lot of white space on the pages.
for read aloud: grades kg-1
for independent reading: grades 1-3

I Am Sammy, Trusted Guide, 3 by Catherine Stier
A Dog's Day: I Am Sammy, Trusted Guide
written by Catherine Stier
illustrated by Francesca Rosa
This is a series I am going to have to check out the other books, I really liked this one!
Each book is about a different dog who is doing some kind of work.  This book was about Sammy who is a seeing eye dog.  The books are told from the perspective of the dog, which is always a hit for readers.  Sammy is the service dog for Jessie, who has a visual impairment.  They haven't been working together for too long and are still gaining each other's trust.  By the end of the book, Sammy graduates from guide dog school - yay!  Readers will gain quite a bit of information about what a guide dog does for its human when they are out and about.  I also like how there is discussion about what happens when the dog is wearing their working vest and when a person wants to pet or play with them.  This helps teach the reader about what to do when they see a dog working.
Something else that I liked about this book is the human was a college student.  While the readability of this series is around a second/third grade level, older students who are working on stamina will like that there is not a young character in the story.  The book does have illustrations throughout.  
for read aloud: grades 1-3
for independent reading: grades 2-5

Dog Diaries by James Patterson
Dog Diaries
written by James Patterson and Steven Butler
illustrated by Richard Watson
This is one of those books that I can tell kids will enjoy, but it was not my cup of tea!  And that's ok, I'm not the targeted audience.  This series is told from the perspective of Junior, the recently adopted dog of Rafe.  Junior is an easily excited, lovable dog.  He has trouble following the rules, often because he doesn't quite understand them.  Like other doggie-perspective books, Junior's view of things are often silly and funny and will get giggles from the audience.
The book is written in diary entries.  There is one big problem that happens that leaves Junior needing doggy obedience school, with the evil Mrs. Stricker.  Of course that doesn't go well, but Junior and Rafe come up with a possible solution that may get them out of the mess AND keep Junior from going back to the shelter.
This book has short chapters and a large font.  It's a hybrid story, so illustrations are on pretty much every page.  Sometimes it's a full layout, sometimes they are sprinkled through the writing.  Currently, there are 5 books in the series with the next one publishing next Spring.
for read aloud: grades 3-4
for independent reading: grades 2-5

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