Tuesday, May 27, 2014

SoL Of Pants and Books 5.27.14

Slice of Life is a weekly event hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

Today I have on one of my favorite pairs of shorts.  They are new to me this season, which makes them kind of exciting.  I say one of my favorites because they are so good, I bought them in 3 different colors.  That's what I do when I find shorts, pants, capris, ankle length, any kind of pants really, that fit that well.  I buy in multiples.  Because when you find something that works and something that you love, you stick with them.  It doesn't matter where I bought them or what size they are or what colors I bought them in.  Just know that they are the best ever.  For this year, anyway.
My next favorite pair of pants are my skinny jeans.  I say that with a laugh because they are not the skinny jeans that the tall, leggy, skinny person that looks really good in wears.  Well, they probably are, but they are certainly not the size that cute person wears and they definitely look different on me.  But they are so comfortable.  Not as comfortable as the aforementioned shorts, but comfortable.  Has something to do with the word spandex in the label... Oh yeah.... 
My next favorite pair are another pair of skinny jeans.  Same name.  But different feel.  These stretch a little too much.  After a few hours of wearing them, they are too baggy.  Now, it would be nice if they were baggy when I put them on, that would mean something else! 
Then I have another pair of skinny jeans but they are over a year old.  Before they put the spandex in.  It takes a few hours of wearing before they start to give and feel more comfortable.
I bet everyone has pants like these.  Those pants/shorts that are just amazing to wear.  Others that are comfortable but just don't hit that sweet spot like the others do.  And then there are some you put up with never feel just right.

It's kind of like reading, isn't it?  There are those books, that just fit perfectly - the ones that are the perfect length, the perfect story, that make you feel something and you can't take them off, I mean, put them down.  I love when this happens and it's a series or it's a really good author that has written more.  Because that means I get more of those!  Then there are other books, that are good.  I enjoy them.  I enjoy talking about them.  But I'm ready to move on to the next one.  Then there are those books that are harder to get into.  You have to read them for a bit before you get the feel for them.  Some, are uncomfortable for the whole time you're with them.  

I hope you find some books that fit perfectly this summer.  I hope our students find some of those books too.


  1. Had to laugh. My wife is the same. When she finds something that she likes and fits well she will buy multiples of the same thing but in different colors.

  2. Yes, I have favorites in many colors too! And I love the analogy with books. Yes, there are some books that just fit and some that don't! Boys of Blur was that way with me. I know many people like it, but I just couldn't get it to "fit" right.

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I share your passion for a good pair of shorts/pants in all the acceptable (blue, black, gray) for my body! I also LOVE the connection to a good book that feels right. Too bad you can only find another good book from a hunt because even a series does not guarantee a perfect fit!