Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday 6.18.14

NF PB 2014

We know that a big part of the CCSS is to include more informational texts into ourstudents' reading.  I quickly discovered I had a "gap" in my reading diet - the genre of informational texts!  To help me fill the gap this year, I am going to participate in Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesdays!  This is a great link-up hosted by Kid Lit Frenzy.  Please visit this website to see other educator's link-ups.  My goal is to read at least one informational text each week and post information on the blog.  The more books and subjects I read, the more I can encourage (my #OLW for 2014) other teachers to use in their classroom! 

Using Accessible Text Series in Kindergarten and 1st grade:  Part 1

Several weeks ago I came across a post by Sunday Cummins.  I read her book last summer called Close Reading of Informational Texts.  She is very gifted in understanding and discussing how to read informational texts for K-8 students.  Her blog often spotlights a text or texts that can be used with specific grade levels.  In this post called "Nonfiction series for kindergarten - first grade text sets" (posted on May 31), she spotlights a series called "Seedlings".  I found a few at my public library, ordered one and found I already owned one purchased last year through Scholastic.

These books would be fantastic to use in a machines or animals theme for kindergarten or first grade.  The text is extremely accessible for these grade levels.  The print is large and each page is limited to 1-2 sentences.  There is theme related vocabulary but used either in the sentence or shown in the photograph so young children can understand and learn the new words.  The photographs are vivid, bright and eye-catching.  Basic nonfiction text features are used:  photographs, labels, index, glossary and there are websites and additional reading listed in the back.  

I'm glad I've learned more about this series and will be adding more titles to my collection!

Diggers       Seedlings: Penguins       Tigers       Seedlings: Dolphins


  1. We just got this series in our store a few months ago and I need to find a way to feature them more prominently within our Animals section.

  2. I have a few from this series and will likely get more. I love them. They are simple yet fun and great for introducing nonfiction text and research at a young age.

  3. These are so eye-catching! I can imagine that little ones would love these.

  4. These look great! I am on the lookout for more nonfiction titles to add to our buddy reading bins. These look perfect.

  5. Hi there Michele, we do need more engaging nonfiction titles for this particular age group. Thanks for highlighting these, they look very interesting.