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Spotlight Friday - The Knowing Book 2.12.16

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There are books that people like to read at the end of the year or give for graduation gifts.  Books like Dr. Seuss' Oh The Places You'll Go.  Last year we saw Amy Krouse Rosenthal's I Wish You More.  There is a new book to add to the list.  I think this is one to not only read at the end of the year, but to use all year long to celebrate the words and the beautiful illustrations.

The Knowing Book by Rebecca Kai Dotlich
The Knowing Book
by Rebecca Kai Dotlich
illustrated by Matthew Cordell
published by Boyds Mills Press
February 23, 2016

This book will captivate you and beg you to read over and over.  The text is gorgeous.  Rebecca's words will strike you to your very core.  

What do you know in this world?  I know there is good and bad.  I know that there are ups and downs.  I know I learn from the highs and lows.  I know the people I can count on.  

Rebecca Kai Dotlich writes in beautiful poetic verse, advice and words of wisdom on how to view the world.  What they will mean to each reader will be a delightful conversation to eavesdrop upon.

Mentor Text for Reading
  • Perfect picture book to use with older readers!  Take the book apart, type up the double layout pages and pass out to students.  Work in groups or alone, what is the author trying to say?  What do the words of wisdom mean to them?  What is the author trying to say to the readers?  What message should a reader walk away with?
  • Look at the book as a whole.  What is the author teaching us, what message should the reader walk away with?  How do the individual layouts add up to the whole?
Mentor Text for Writing
  • This book is a perfect mentor text for teaching metaphor!
  • Notice the sentences with the sage advice.  Then notice the final sentence on each page.  How did this pattern make an impact on how it was read and interpreted?  Notice the repetition - how can you use it in your writing?
I hope you have fun with this book!  It has quickly become a favorite of mine.  Look for it on February 23!

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