Friday, January 27, 2017

Spotlight Friday - If You Were the Moon 1.27.17

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If You Were the Moon
If You Were the Moon
written by Laura Purdie Salas
illustrated by Jaime Kim
published by Millbrook Press (a division of Lerner)
publishes March 1st, 2017

I absolutely adore this story!  Young readers will return again and again to this book, teachers will love using this as a read aloud.

At the beginning of the story a young girl laments she wants to do nothing, just like the moon.  The moon is quick to answer the young girl that she in fact does many things.  On the left side of each page, the moon gives a lyrical response about what it does, the right side has the scientific information about that action.  For example, "hover near your mother" appears on the left side, with scientific information about how scientists believe the moon was formed when a meteorite collided with Earth.  Rock from Earth and the meteorite bounced back into space and created the moon.  Or one of my favorite visuals, "tease the Earth: peek-a-boo!" with information on the right side about the different phases of the moon.  

Have students look closely at the format of the book - a story that reads like poetry that is infused with scientific information.  Or just read the students the left side of each side so they enjoy the story first, then go back and add the factual information.  Maybe on the second read before you read the facts, see what background information they already know and fill in the gaps.  Studying about patterns in space, forces in motion... it's a wonderful book to add to your collection.

Want additional resources for this gorgeous book?  Don't miss Laura Salas' website where she has a teaching guide, link to a pinterest board, and the link to this beautiful book trailer!

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  1. Love your reading tips, Michele, and I'm so happy that you like the book! Thanks very much for spreading the word:>)