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#road2reading Challenge - August transitional chapter book releases 8.01.17

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It's about that time of year - Back to School!  How are your transitional chapter book section looking?  Ready to add some more for your independent chapter book readers?  Try these August releases!

Ada Lace, on the Case (An Ada Lace Adventure)
Ada Lace, On the Case
by Emily Calandrelli
published by Simon and Schuster
August 29th

This series introduces us to Ada Lace, future scientist and inventor, who ends up having a nose for mysteries.  In this first book of the series, Ada makes a new friend, Nina, who along with Ada's nose for real clues and Nina's flair for all things possible, they work together to solve the mystery of the neighbor's missing dog.
This series will be good for readers who are looking for a mystery and who enjoys STEM time.
Book 2, Ada Lace Sees Red, is being released simultaneously.

Product Details
Isadora Moon Goes to School
by Harriet Muncaster
published by Random House
August 15th

In this first book of the series, we are introduced to Isadora who is half fairy (mom's side) and half vampire (dad's side).  It's time for Isadora to go to school and she has to figure out where she wants to go - fairy school or vampire school?  Isadora makes her own decision for what feels right for her.
The published cover is going to have sparkles on it, and the illustrations are done grays, black and pink shades.
This series will be good for readers who like Princess in Black series, Tales of Sasha series, or the Upside Down Magic series.
Book 2, Isadora Moon Goes Camping is being released simultaneously.

Absolutely Alfie & the Furry, Purry Secret by Sally Warner
Absolutely Alfie and the Furry Purry Secret
by Sally Warner
published by Viking Books
August 29th

From the author of the EllRay Jakes series, comes a spin-off about EllRay's little sister, Alfie.  This transitional chapter book series is perfect for the 1st-3rd grader who is looking for something a little more challenging (longer text, more pages in a chapter) yet still has a simple plot and familiar characters. 
In this first book, Alfie has decided that what she needs is a kitten, even if it's against the family rules - no pets!  Alfie rationalizes all of the reasons why it's ok to bring home a kitten, but now it's time for the consequences.  Will Alfie own up to her mistakes?
Like the other books featured, Book 2, Absolutely Alfie and the First Week Friends is being released simultaneously.

I'm adding these books to my classroom library this year!  

After writing this post, I'm noticing all of these books feature female main characters.  Come back on Friday when I share a list of all the August new releases.  There are a few male MC books on this list that I have not read as of this posting.  Looking forward to reading those books this month too!

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