Monday, April 23, 2018

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 4.23.18

This weekly post comes from Jen at Teach Mentor Texts
 and Kellee and Ricki at Unleashing Readers.  
It's a great source to find new books to use with your students.

Last Week's Adventures

My blogging may slow down a bit here and there so I can try to get through my enormous TBR piles around my house!  Only one post this past week but if you know any young readers, you'll want to share these books with them!  New books for young readers

Picture Books

by Cynthia Alonso
This is a wordless picture book that teaches quite a lesson with absolutely no words.  Also a great book to use for turning point.  

The Field
written by Baptiste Paul
illustrated by Jacqueline Alcántara
I loved everything about this book.  Loved the Creole language mixed in, loved everything the game stood for, loved the playfulness of the story.  Loved the colors and how they changed throughout the ups and downs of the story.  Don't miss the author's note.

Backyard Fairies
by Phoebe Wahl
This is a book I would have loved as a child - the idea of fairies just outside our reach that are out there making mischief and having fun.  The artwork is beautiful and I appreciated the diversity of fairies.

Don't Blink!
written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
illustrated by David Roberts
If you don't blink, you don't have to turn the page.  At least that's the idea in this book that Amy Krouse Rosenthal has left us.  It's fun, it's silly - just the kind of book Amy would want us reading before bedtime!

On the Other Side of the Garden
written by Jairo Buitrago
illustrated by Rafael Yockteng
From the duo that brought us Walk With Me, we have another book that quietly speaks about big ideas.
A story about a parents' separation, a daughter who must live somewhere new and has big questions and wonders about what awaits for her in a new place.  Also about the acceptance of a loved one to these new circumstances.
I find it interesting in many of the reviews, this book is recommended for a young age range.  This is why I find putting age limits on a book is troublesome because why yes, young children can find themselves lost in the fantasy side of the book, it's the older reader who will be able to find the unspoken truths and relate to the big ideas.

Can I Be Your Dog?
by Troy Cummings
A scrappy dog writes letters to everyone on a street asking if he can be their dog?  Unfortunately, for one reason or the other, the answer is always no.  Finally, the dog gets a yes from a surprising person.  Fun for letter writing and supporting reasoning.

The Big Bed
written by Bunmi Laditan
illustrations by Tom Knight
A young girl sits her father down and lets him know the solutions she has to "the big bed problem" - meaning he's getting kicked out of the bed where her and mommy sleep.  Laugh out loud funny and another great bedtime story... unless this one is giving your young one some new ideas!

Kat Writes a Song
by Greg Foley
This is such a sweet book with a great message about thinking positively.
Kat writes a song and sings it wherever she goes.  And wherever she sings it, good luck seems to follow.  Kat continues to spread her good luck music, but what if it's not making a difference?

Pip and Pup
by Eugene Yelchin
A wordless picture book about two unlikely friends.  Young readers will laugh out loud at the meeting of these two characters and the antics between them.

Middle Grade

Out of Left Field
by Ellen Klages
I absolutely loved this timely book about baseball and equal rights.  This time the equal rights are about women playing in sports.  The year is 1957 and Katy is a fantastic baseball - not softball - pitcher.  She just wants to play the sport she loves and be on the local Little League team.  And even though she tries to hide her gender, as soon as the adults find out, she is kicked off the team.   She ends up on a quest to learn more about this history of women and baseball and is surprised to find the results.  
This was fantastic historical fiction book and I found it hard to put down.  I was excited to see there are more books written by Klages, including some that have Katy's older sisters in.
This book publishes May 1st, make sure it's on your list!

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl
by Stacy McAnulty
I devoured this book - it reminded me so much of another well loved book about a character with OCD, Finding Perfect by Elly Swartz.  This one was different and I could love it in another way.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow when I feature this story as part of the book's blog tour - and for your chance to win a copy!

Young Adult

The Poet X
by Elizabeth Acevedo
This novel in verse will take your breath away - the beautiful words, the emotional story - you'll laugh, cry and be so happy - all within a few pages!  
Xiomara is born to a strict, Catholic mother who is raising her with strict Catholic rules.  Her father seems to be there, but not be present.  Her twin, Xavier, has his own battles he is fighting.  And Xiomara has a love for words and a new found interest in what her body is saying - meaning she wants to explore what it is like to have a boyfriend, to have choices, to decide what she believes.  
I cannot put in words how beautiful this story is and how important the representation it brings.  Do not miss it!

I have quite a few books on deck for this week.  Not sure what I'm starting with first.  Hope you have a great week reading!


  1. I've just started hearing about Out of Left Field. It definitely sounds like one to check out. The picture books all sound great!

  2. Wow Michele, I think ALL of these titles are new to me! Glad I visited today.

  3. Oh my goodness, Bunmi Laditan is so funny! I have followed her on social media for a few years and she just has a knack for making everyone laugh with ordinary, every day situations. I'm really looking forward to reading The Big Bed. While all 4 of our older children eventually moved out of our bed, our youngest (just turned 4) still sleeps with us. So it's probably very appropriate. I really enjoyed Poet X, too. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and have a great reading week!

  4. So many good books I want to read.

  5. I loved The Field and have The Other Side ofThe Garden, so far unread. Thanks for these titles, the list grows! I will try to read The Poet X by end of May at least! Thanks, Michele!

  6. I can't wait to read THE POET X. I've heard such amazing things about it.

  7. We are always looking for good historical fiction - Can't wait to read Out of Left Field. Blink is in our TBR stack - love having one more chance to read Amy Krouse Rosenthal's words

  8. I cannot wait to read The Poet X! Same with Stacy McAnulty's book. And you know how I feel about baseball :)

    Happy reading this week!

  9. I've been meaning to find Poet X for awhile now. :) So many great books you have here, including the new one by Phoebe Wahl! :)

  10. I really, really want to read The Poet X! I am so glad to hear that you liked it so much!

  11. I hadn’t heard of Out of Left Field. Great to see another sporty girl baseball book out there.