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#road2reading Challenge - new books for young readers 4.19.18

All journeys have a starting place.
This is a weekly place to find books and tools 
that you may use with readers at the start of their reading journey.
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I'm always looking for books that will appeal to our youngest crowd.  Here are some new ones that have come to my attention:

Mon Petit Busy Day
by Annette Tamarkin
published by Little Simon

This is such a fun, interactive book for the very youngest readers!  It's a board book with interactive flaps on each page.  Encouraging little fingers to trace and manipulate flaps and lines and gets little minds thinking about concepts such as shapes, counting and directionality.  This is a book I can see gifting many young readers, but it also will be a favorite in preK, kinder and even first grade classrooms!  Make sure you write this title down!

Celebrate the World: Ramadan
written by Hannah Eliot
illustrated by Rashin
published by Little Simon

This looks to be the first in a series that explains holidays to young readers.  I loved learning more about Ramadan, which is important as an educator because I did  not know much about this holiday yet I know there are students in my building who celebrate it.  Grateful for these mirrors and windows books.
Some books that will be published in the future include holidays such as: Diwali and Día de los Muertos.  
These books are being published as board books.  I wonder if it makes sense to simultaneously published them as full picture books?  They are accessible for the primary age reader, too.

Black Bird Yellow Sun
by Steve Light 
published by Candlewick Press

A concept book about colors - readers join black bird through his day experiencing all of the colors he comes across.  4 words on each layout makes this simple and understandable while gently teaching a new concept.

How to Trick the Tooth Fairy
written by Erin Danielle Russell
illustrated by Jennifer Hansen Rolli
published by Aladdin
May 1st

A fun cause and effect story about two pranksters - a young child and the tooth fairy!  Kids will enjoy seeing the chaos that ensues when the two try to out-prank each other.  A fun story that captures the fun of the tooth fairy.

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