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#road2reading Challenge - new books for young readers - 3.21.19

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When we talk about books for our early readers, sometimes our minds go to "leveled readers" - you know the ones I'm talking about, has that bright, big number in the upper corner that supposedly means something for readers and parents.... But it doesn't have to be so.  There are plenty of books out there for early readers that have controlled text that are witty and funny and engaging.  Here are a few that jumped out of the stacks:

Another by Christian Robinson
by Christian Robinson
I have a feeling we'll be talking about this one for some time.  This beautiful wordless picture book begs for multiple readings.  When the book opens, we see a young girl in bed with her cat, a mouse playtoy for the cat on the floor, and we see what seems to be a portal directly across from her.  Next thing we now, another cat pops its head out of the portal and grabs the play mouse.  What ensues is a game of chase between the 2 cats and the girl.  Chasing each other through multiple portals that will leave the reader turning the book around and around in order to get the perspective just right, young readers will delight in all of the things to see and wonder.  With brilliant use of perspective and white space, Christian Robinson has given us a book that will no doubt spark the imagination of readers as they question and wonder what is happening with the characters.
Wordless picture books are perfect to have in primary classrooms because they level the reading playing field and leave the reading up to the imagination of the person holding the book.  This is a book that will spark countless rereadings because there is always something new to find!

Fox & Chick by Sergio Ruzzier
The Quiet Boat Ride and Other Stories
by Sergio Ruzzier
The first Fox + Chick book, The Party and Other Stories, was an instant success with our young readers.  We had it on our Mock Geisel list this year and students were so excited when it won a Geisel Honor!
This series is a perfect example that you can have a sophisticated early reader without sacrificing a funny story line or memorable characters. 
In this second book, Fox and Chick are off on more adventures that never go how they expect them to go.  Chick's job is to add the comic relief to Fox's practical side, and it definitely works because readers will be laughing as they read books from this series.  

Croc & Turtle by Mike Wohnoutka
Croc & Turtle! The Bestest Friends Ever!
by Mike Wohnoutka
Definitely reminiscent of Elephant and Piggie, or Snail and Worm, these two best friends will have a new fan group with young readers!  Croc thinks he's the best at many activities... until another animal comes by to innocently prove him wrong. Croc's best friend, Turtle, is also a great cheerleader and encourages Croc to keep at it.  Croc acknowledges that Turtle really is the best friend and they carry on their way.... until, the surprise at the end!
With minimal amounts of text on each page and a repeating pattern, young readers will enjoy reading this story.  So glad to see this will be a series!

Hope you found a new book or two for some young readers in your life!  

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