Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday 9.09.15 Animals


I am excited to join Alyson Beecher and other friends in this weekly challenge.  Finding great nonfiction picture books isn't a challenge anymore, there are so many wonderful books to be read now!  The challenge is sharing them with as many people as possible so they can find this wealth of literature to share with our young readers.  Thanks to Aly for starting this weekly link-up and thanks to all who join in!  See all of the posts at kidlitfrenzy.

I remember around this time last year a great nonfiction picture book was published - Neighborhood Sharks by Katherine Roy.  It was a fascinating book because it appealed to young readers because of the information, but also the paintings, not photographs, about sharks and the ways you can read it - there were pages filled with information, and pages that had just enough information to keep those young readers going.

I'm always on the look out for nonfiction books that are sure to hold the attention of readers, yet at the same time, give them fascinating information.

Hippos Are Huge!
Hippos Are Huge!
by Jonathan London
illustrated by Matthew Trueman
LOVE this book!  Now, Jonathan London knows a thing or two about animals, especially frogs, as the popular author of the Froggy books.  But he also loves animals and wildlife and has a compassion for conservationism.  Turning the spotlight away from frogs and onto hippos, yet staying with that trademark humor, London informs young readers about some of the fascinating, and some of the disgusting, traits of these large and in charge animals.  After reading this book from the library, I immediately ordered it.  I can see students pouring over the details and illustrations in this book.  London uses different fonts to show different understandings of the book - there are words that are in a large font to show the hugeness of these animals.  Not just their size, but what they are capable of, being loud, and just living large!  Then there are additional facts in small print that give additional information.  Just a fantastic nonfiction picture book!

Dinosaurs Live On!: and other fun facts (Did You Know?, #3)
Dinosaurs Live On! 
By Laura Lyn DiSiena and Hannah Eliot
Illustrated by Aaron Spurgeon
I really enjoy this series - Did You Know?  Although not a mentor text for nonfiction, I do think sharing this series with young readers will let them see nonfiction is enjoyable and readable!  The silly illustrations will pull them in and the fascinating facts will keep them interested.  Not as much new information about dinosaurs in this book unless this is a new to you topic.  I did learn some new dinosaur names, like "Arizonasaurs".  I'll give you one guess where that dino lived....  The authors gave different examples tying dinosaurs with modern day animals.  I thought it was interesting all the places dinosaur fossils have been found.

What new animal book have you found that you're adding to your classroom library?


  1. Hippos Are Huge! is fun AND informative. The best combination.

  2. I just read Hippos Are Huge to the granddaughters & they loved it. There is a hippo that we see every time at the zoo, & now we'll know even more about it when we go! Thanks for the 'Did You Know' series, too, Michele. I'll share with our librarian!

  3. The Did You Know? series is great for kids. They- or some other people- need to try and find some other subjects that hasn't been covered (much) before.

  4. Hippos are huge - informative and disgusting? Sounds like a winner with my audience - the grosser the better. :)

  5. I, too, am always looking for informative and attention-holding NF books specifically for my son in the future. I know how much I learn through NF PBs, so I want to have as many for him as I can. I look forward to seeing/reading these.

  6. Hippos are Huge sounds like a book students will love and a book we can use as a mentor text during writing workshop