Tuesday, September 15, 2015

SoLSC 9.15.15 The biggest impact


Slice of Life is a weekly event hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

In one of my voxer threads last week, a friend posed the question, "pick one teacher that made the biggest impact on you while growing up and tell us why."

As the responses started coming in, it was interesting to hear the reflections.  While the question was which teacher made the biggest impact on you, the majority of the answers had to do with the relationship the teacher had with the person.  Most people had a story about the teacher and something they did - and it certainly made an impact - but it ended up being about the relationship that was formed as a result.

It's interesting to think about that.  Decades later what we remember.  It wasn't a lesson.  It wasn't how the teacher taught us a big, important concept.  It was the relationship that was formed.  The biggest impact you can make is to form a positive relationship with your students.  They'll remember you for it in decades to come.

What are you doing now to form relationships?  Leave a comment so others can grow from your ideas!


  1. You're so right, those relationships are key, Michele. One thing, among others, was make a 'date' with students, and ate lunch with each one on Fridays. At first I did one on Thursday & one on Friday so I could get to them all faster, but then I had more than one on Fridays, to have a special little group to talk over things. I think it helped. I hope that you share also the things you do.

  2. So true! I love Linda's idea! I think the little things can add up - greeting kids at the door and asking them about their evening before or weekend, writing friendly letters at the beginning of the year, reading their blogs and responding, one-on-one conferences, going to games and activities, etc.