Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday - my Mock Sibert long list... so far 6.28.17

Every Wednesday I join Alyson Beecher from kidlitfrenzy and other
kidlit bloggers to share wonderful nonfiction picture books.
The intention of today's blog post is to give professionals that work in the
education field new nonfiction reading material and ideas to use 
with students to promote a love of reading nonfiction materials.

We're about halfway through the year and before we know it the season of "Mock" will be here!  You know, when we read the current year's best of the best titles with students to try and figure out what will be presented at the Youth Media Awards next February!  I love sharing new titles with students, getting them to understand the award criteria and look deeper into these stories.

Today I'm looking at nonfiction books the Sibert committee may be taking a look at.  One thing I will say about the Sibert Award - I wish it was split into age levels.  I think sometimes the nonfiction picture books don't get the same notoriety that the longer books do.  Because of the age I work with, I usually concentrate on the picture books.  You'll see that in my list.  I'll be looking at these books and more later this fall to make my Mock Sibert list:

The Youngest Marcher: The Story of Audrey Faye Hendricks, a Young Civil Rights Activist
The Youngest Marcher
by Cynthia Levinson

Two Truths and a Lie: It's Alive!
Two Truths and a Lie:  It's Alive!
by Ammi-Joan Paquette and Laurie Ann Thompson

Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code
Grace Hopper, Queen of Computer Code
by Laurie Hallmark

Balderdash!: John Newbery and the Boisterous Birth of Children's Books
by Michelle Markel

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
by Jason Chin

Soldier Song: A True Story of the Civil War
Soldier Song
by Debbie Levy

Can an Aardvark Bark?
Can An Aardvark Bark 
by Melissa Stewart

Dazzle Ships: World War I and the Art of Confusion
Dazzle Ships
by Chris Barton
publishes Aug. 1st

Do you have any books that you think might be on the Sibert committee's long list?  Leave your ideas in the comments or tweet me (@knott_michele) a title!


  1. I was just thinking about SibertSmackdown titles yesterday. I'd also include:

    Hidden Life of Toads by Doug Wechsler

    One Proud Penny by Randy Siegel

    Deadliest! 20 Dangerous Animals by Steve Jenkins

  2. I have the Grace Hopper, but still need to read it. I enjoyed Balderdash & Grand Canyon very much. What about the new Pete Seeger by Susanna Reich? Will look for Dazzle Ships, new to me. Thanks, Michele!

  3. So excited to many of my friends' books here! I loved Balderdash and The Youngest Marcher & Grand Canyon was my favorite of Jason Chin's books so far--so much great material. Grace Hopper was good too. And Soldier's Song was so lovely and very moving.

    I cannot wait to read Two Truths, Can An Aardvark Bark & Dazzle Ships!

    So many from Alyson's list to look forward to reading. I especially can't wait for How to Be An Elephant& The Elephant Whisperer (elephant fan here :) )

    Thanks, Michele!!

  4. I've been seeing Two Truths and a Lie popping up on blogs everywhere, it looks like something the kids at my library will just devour!