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#road2reading Challenge - What's in my stack? 10.10.17

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I took some time yesterday and read some early readers and chapter books.  Here's what was in my stack!

We Need More Nuts! by Jonathan Fenske
We Need More Nuts!
by Jonathan Fenske
I love Fenske's work.  If you aren't already familiar with him, be sure to check out the Geisel Honor winning  A Pig, a Fox and a Box and I love the snarky Barnacle is Bored and Plankton is Pushy.  We meet a new duo in this book who apparently are storing up some nuts for winter time.  A number concept book, young readers are encouraged to building their counting skills as one of the squirrel's mouths gets stuffed with nuts!  As with all Fenske's books, readers will giggle and smile along with the crazy hijinks in this story!

Meet the Bobs and Tweets by Pepper Springfield       Perfecto Pet Show (Bobs and Tweets #2)
Meet the Bobs and Tweets
Bobs and Tweets Perfecto Pet Show
written by Pepper Springfield
illustrated by Kristy Caldwell
This early chapter book series reminds me of reading a Dr. Seuss book - fun, silly rhymes with a story that is a bit wiser than you may originally think.
The Bobs and Tweets families are complete opposite from each other and are recent new neighbors.  Right there is a recipe for disaster - slobs and neat freaks living next door to each other?  It's up to the youngest Bobs and Tweets to show that even when you are opposites, there may be more similarities than you think.  Or maybe it's just that opposites attract!
In the second book, the Bobs and Tweets learn to work together and along the way they figure out how each of their strengths help the others with their problem.
Thank you to Kellee Moye for introducing me to this series and passing the first one along!

King & Kayla and the Case of the Mysterious Mouse by Dori Hillestad Butler
King and Kayla and the Case of the Mysterious Mouse
written by Dori Hillestad Butler
illustrated by Nancy Meyers
Oh, I just love these stories about King/Buddy the Dog.  This early chapter book series is sure to delight young readers.  It has a mystery, a dog that talks to the reader, short chapters, and always a fun story.  I hope this series continues for awhile!

Did you see something to add to your stacks?  Happy early reading!

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