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#road2reading Challenge - supporting chapter book readers 5.16.17

All journeys have a starting place.
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You know how there are some people who just seem to "get it"?  They try something for the first time, and just slide into the rules, the understanding, the flow, easily.  Other people struggle and it might take them many tries before they get it right.  

Well, chapter book reading can kind of be like that too.  There are many readers who just "get it".  They try it out and they are lost within the pages of the book.  Other readers give up after half the book... half a chapter....  How can we help those readers?  They may need some more supports.  Here are a few ideas to help hook readers into those longer stories!

  • Read the first book in a series to them, or read the first chapter to them.  This helps readers get a better grip on the characters, setting and problem of the story.  If it's a series, even better because they usually have the same characters, setting and similar problems and structures as the other books.
  • Help readers make a character map.  Longer stories often have more characters and if a reader is not strong at making mental images, it's helpful to have a "map" they can refer to.  Show them how to write the character down, maybe make a quick sketch or write a few important details about the character that they can go back and look at while reading.
  • Be on the lookout for books that have situations that will be familiar to them - by finding characters or settings or realistic problems, the books will feel comfortable and they may have more background knowledge about the topic!
  • Does your reader have a series they are enjoying?  Do you know another book that is similar?  Have that next book ready for them so they can go right back into their reading!
  • When a reader is starting a completely new genre, make sure you give them supports they need.  How a reader goes about a realistic fiction book, may be different from a mystery or a biography.  Think about what they might need to know to tackle the new genre.
  • Allow time for growing chapter book readers to fall into a book.  Meaning, let's give them time to read.  When time reading is spent in increments, it's hard for a reader who is not accustomed to holding a plot line across chapters to get into a story.  Growing readers need time to get lost in a story so they get hooked.  Find time in your schedule to allow this to happen. 
Chapter book reading is such an exciting time in a young reader's life.  By providing some of these supports, young readers will be falling into reading before you know it!

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