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Spotlight Friday - Grand Canyon 5.19.17

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Have you had a chance to look through Jason Chin's Grand Canyon?  It really is a masterful mentor text!  I would think the state of Arizona would have it on its required list, it is that impressive.  4th grade teachers, this goes along with your NGSS.  

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
by Jason Chin
published by Roaring Book Press

Grand Canyon takes us through the different ecological communities found in the Canyon, detailing the different animals, climates and vegetation found within each community.  Readers can explore the reasons for the changes as you move from community to community (different elevations, temperatures, water formations).  The illustrations are absolutely breathtaking.  The details in each layout should be poured over.  The foldout at the end is just amazing.

Chin also goes into detail the changes over time, going back billions of years to see how the environmental changes impact land formation and living creatures that depend upon a certain environment.

The use of the borders of each page should not be missed.  Chin has added visual details for the information discussed in the main text, whether it's pictures of animals, flora and fauna or cutaways that give readers an inside look.

And with a book as masterful as this, you know the end pages and notes are going to be amazing as well!  A study all of their own, they will absolutely give additional information, especially for more science and social studies learning.

Enjoy this gorgeous book!  Just make sure you have the time you'll need to spend reading this book!

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  1. My favorite book of his so far--loved this one too, Michele!