Saturday, August 22, 2015

Celebrate This Week 8.22.15

It's always good to end the week on a positive note.  Sometimes we concentrate on the negatives.  We have a choice.  Choose positive.  Choose to celebrate.  I will be joining Ruth Ayres and her weekly link-up, Celebrate This Week.  Check out all the other celebrations HERE

Looking back at this summer, there were so many wonderful moments.  I'm celebrating a great summer and looking forward to a fantastic fall.

* We traveled to Colorado Springs for my daughter to swim in the Jimi Flowers Classic Paralympic swim meet.  One medal for a first place finish in the 200 back and 9/9 best times made for a great meet!  The scenery was beautiful too!


* Watched my daughter perform in her 5th dance recital.  Her poise and grace on the stage always amaze me. (and I just went through my photos - I only took video, not photos of the recital, oops!)

* I went to All-Write in Warsaw, Indiana for the first time.  It was a fantastic professional development conference.  I grew as an educator and had fun meeting old friends for the first time.  It's what Twitter does for you!

* The 4th of July will always be one of my favorite holidays.  Being outside with friends and family is the best.

* nErDcampMI!!!  It has quickly become one of my favorite summer things to do.  This year was so special because after spending so much time talking to each other daily, I was able to hang out with some very dear friends.  Oh, and the authors!  What amazing people.  Here's my post dedicated to these author rock stars!


* Happy 10th birthday to my child.  Guess what we do?  Hang out with authors!

* I had a wonderful dinner with Lynda Mullaly Hunt.  Conversations about books and writing!

* I met with my writing group.  They are slowly convincing me I am a writer!

* My beautiful nephew, Mason, was born!

* We spent a lot of weekends at the pool.  Not the neighborhood pool, the aqua arenas in Wisconsin.  My daughter swam in regionals and state.  Fast swimming everywhere!


* The weather warmed up and we did get to spend some time at local pools.

* A quick bonus trip to Disney.  Fun with friends!

* A successful knee surgery for my daughter.

As I look back, it was a beautiful and fun-filled summer.

This may have been the funniest photo I received this summer:

I'm sure there will be many new adventures as we look towards a new season!

What was your favorite summer memory?


  1. Michele, kudos to your daughter for her wonderful swimming record. I am going to let my son know about the little swimming medalist. It looks like your summer was filled with memories. Consider trying out your "writer" feel for Summer Splashings. I am accepting offerings up to the end of August.

  2. The photo is a riot. I know exactly how that fish feels. Your daughter looks wonderful. So glad her surgery was a success.

  3. My favorite summer memory was going to see the musical "Singing in the Rain" with my whole family. It is my favorite musical and to share it with my family was great!
    I am so excited that your daughter is a swimmer. I swam during the summer and then in high school and it is the most amazing thing I have ever done. I miss it so much!

  4. So much summer fun! It's fun to see the pics of your daughter at her meets and swimming. Lots of great summer memories, but I loved attending All Write again and meeting blogger friends, including you. Dinner with Lynda Mulally Hunt! Some time ago she commented on one of my blog posts, and I was so excited!

  5. What a wonderful summer. I can totally relate to the fish picture. :)