Tuesday, August 11, 2015

SoLSC Grateful 8.10.15


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I'm grateful for my bonus trip to Disney.
We had a wonderful trip to Disney in May and said goodbye to the Land of Walt thinking that was it for the year.  But with my daughter's unexpected surgery, and plane tickets being what they are, it was significantly cheaper to fly into Orlando than Fort Lauderdale.  And if you're flying into Orlando...  So yes, we had a quick bonus trip to Disney.  It was another wonderful trip.  We spent one day with some family friends, and another morning with a Twitter friend - I loved that our families had a chance to meet.  I love seeing my daughter interact with other kids and having fun.  Especially because...

I'm grateful that my daughter's surgery went well.
We found out about this surgery in May.  It's necessary for her upcoming hip surgery.  Because she does not have a hip on her right side, her knee grows inward, making her knock-kneed.  Today her dr. inserted an "8 plate" which closes the growth plate in the inside of her knee while allowing the outside to continue to grow.  This pulls her knee in place and gets it in alignment with her future hip.  This happens over about a two year time.  In the grand scheme, this was a very minor surgery.  Out patient, so no hospital stay.  Since we weren't staying, she knew this and as soon as she was out of surgery, she was ready to leave!  She's had a relaxing day at our hotel and is hopefully on the mend.  The sad news was potentially 2 weeks of no swimming.  If you follow my blog, then you know this is very hard for my daughter to hear!  But, that's why we did the surgery in August, no swim practice right now just clinic.  She'll be ready for when short course season begins in September.

I'm grateful that we have a doctor that gives us hope.
We didn't chose this doctor because of his bedside manner.  He didn't come talk to us at all today.  After the surgery, the PA (who we've known for years) came over to let us know how the surgery went.  We've come to expect it.  We didn't choose him because of the warm and fuzzy feeling we got from him.  We chose him because he gave us hope.  We chose him because he was going to make sure our daughter walked on her own two legs and feet.  I'm grateful that she's another step closer to that goal.

I'm grateful for family and friends.
We heard from so many people yesterday and today checking to see how my daughter is doing, how the surgery went.  It always warms your heart knowing people are thinking about your child.  Thank you for the emails, texts and voxes.



  1. Michele, so glad to hear that the surgery was successful and your daughter is quickly recovering! It's never easy when it's our children, but having the support of many and a doctor that provides you with hope makes each step a little easier. Thank you for sharing all that you are thankful for today.

  2. Glad things went well - what a relief!

  3. Glad you have confidence in your Doc and understand his lack of bedside manner. Usually surgeons become surgeons because they don't know how to talk to patients. Praying your daughter's progress will continue at a rapid pace.

  4. So glad that the surgery went well and things looks good. Your daughter sounds amazing. It is also good to know that you were able to find a doctor for his talent in surgery....and not expecting his bedside manner to be all warm and fuzzy. Some people just can't be that way...but they can be excellent in their field.

  5. Thank goodness for this skilled surgeon and his compassionate PA. They probably make a great team together. Glad you've made it over another hurdle. Hope the two weeks without swimming fly by!