Saturday, May 7, 2016

Celebrate This Week 5.07.16

It's always good to end the week on a positive note.  Sometimes we concentrate on the negatives.  We have a choice.  Choose positive.  Choose to celebrate.  I will be joining Ruth Ayres and her weekly link-up, Celebrate This Week.  Check out all the other celebrations HERE

I posted last week about my daughter's surgery.  I am going to use this weekly celebration to take the time and celebrate the positive about our week.  It's really easy to concentrate on the hard parts of a limb lengthening journey.  And there are always hard parts in the week.  But there are good parts.  Here's my way of making sure the good parts are focused on!

Celebration #1:  weather
It has been absolutely gorgeous in South Florida!  We had a rain storm in the middle of the week (I love thunderstorms when they aren't dangerous ones) and it took the infamous Florida humidity with it.  We've woken up to clear skies, low temperatures and beautiful temperatures.  One thing when you're close to the ocean, is there is not a huge range in temperatures.  I've noticed maybe 8 degrees between the high of the day and the low.  Today I woke up to 59 degrees and it's going to be 78 today.  That may be the biggest range of temperatures I've seen here.
Our rented town home is on the golf course.  I can eat and read and write outside, under the umbrella in the shade with a gorgeous view!

Celebration #2:  doctors
K had a really rough beginning of the week.  I knew something was off, but didn't know what.  One of the reasons we stay down here during this process is close proximity to answers.  After PT on Wednesday, we went straight down to clinic to see the physician they have on staff.  We got answers and K turned the corner on her road to recovery.

Celebration #3:  the important things
I was able to get out this week and find the important things.  I know where 3 local Starbucks are.  I joined a gym.  It's not my gym at home but I can go and get a workout in and feel better about things.  I know where the local bookstore is.  I went to the local library and got a library card.  I already have a lot of books on hold.  Yup, the important things.

Celebration #4:  being brave
My daughter hates the medicine she has to take.  The pain meds taste gross - it's a pill but it's one of those that start disintegrating a little bit in your mouth as soon as it hits your tongue.  So rather than take it, she's just dealing with the pain when I stretch her.  She still takes the pain meds for PT, but that's only once a day.  The less medicine in her the better.  The more she is her.  Medicine gives her glassy eyes.  I know it's important to have for pain, but I'm impressed what she's choosing to do.

Celebration #5:  her physical therapist
We were down here four years ago for her last lengthening.  We were so fortunate to be paired up with Mr. Don, her physical therapist.  He knew just how to work with her.  I made a request for her to be with him again and it was honored.  Her first day of PT was with another therapist, but the rest of the week was with Mr. Don.  That first day, the therapist was wonderful, but I could see K searching for Mr. Don.  The rest of the week she actually looked forward to being with him - who looks forward to PT??  They play games, he works with her pain, talks to her, includes her as part of the process instead of just being someone he has to stretch.  It's pretty cool.

Thanks for reading about our journey.


  1. In the midst of hard stuff it is good to gather the good around you too, like a warm blanket? Happy to hear all about your time, the good parts & the challenges too! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Such a long list of things to celebrate in the midst of this long trial! I had an injury and needed PT and became quickly aware at what a gift physical therapist have. They moved up to pretty close to top on the list of marvelous people.

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you. You and your daughter are traveling a very hard path right now with grace and love and dignity.

  4. You two are so very brave. I'm sure it's powerful for K to have you finding the positives and celebrating them with her. Glad you are finding things to celebrate!

  5. I'm happy that you are able to find so many things to celebrate during a trying time. I hope that things go smoothly and the healing process is quick.

  6. Michele, your little one is a trooper and so are you. Great happenings are going on in your life.