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Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday 5.18.16 - A Place for Frogs

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A Place For Frogs
written by Melissa Stewart
illustrated by Higgins Bond
published by Peachtree Publishers

Peachtree Publishers has rereleased Melissa Stewart's book A Place for Frogs.  This book is part of a series Stewart has about different animals, their habitats and the effects animals have on the habitats.  This is a fantastic series that has many uses in your classroom.  Here are a few ideas: 

Using the CONTENT
  • 2nd grade science standards have students comparing habitats and the life in them.  This book and others in the series would be perfect to use in this unit!
  • 3rd grade science standards have students looking at environment changes and how animals may have to change in order to survive, as well as how animals adapt in particular environments.  Throughout the book Stewart talks about environmental changes that help, or hurt, the animals ability to "live and grow".  
  • If you're doing a unit about Earth Day this April this book and series would be a great addition!  The effects of human decisions on the environment is making changes to animals, plants, and life cycles.  Find a book or two in the series that features creatures that live in your area.  What are things you can do to help the animals in your local environment?
  • Great mentor text to use to show cause/effect text structure.  Why do you think Stewart made that decision when writing the book?  How does it help you understand the information?
  • Stewart adds sidebars to the pages.  How does that add to your understanding of the main text?
  • Note the end pages.  What information do you get in the maps?
Make sure you visit Melissa Stewart's blog here where she talks a little bit more about the changes that were made in the updated book.  It's so interesting to hear how much our environment and habitats really do change!

Check on Melissa's Pinterest page here for great nonfiction thoughts and ideas.

And visit her blog here.

Thank you to Peachtree Publishers for the review copy!

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  1. Fun that there are so many books about frogs this year, Michele. Thanks for telling about this and adding all the links! Have a terrific day!