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Spotlight Friday: Louise and Andie 5.06.16

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I became a big fan of Kelly Light's work in 2015.  I loved her picture book Louise Loves Art.  The bright primary colors, especially red, the pure passion for created art, the silly cat, the sibling love, and one of the best opening lines I've seen.  I also fell in love with her drawings in Erin Soderberg's series, The Quirks.  

I'm so excited to tell you that Louise and Art (and the cat!) are back this summer in a new adventure.  Be sure to add to your collection on June 14th:

Louise and Andie: The Art of Friendship

Notice the contrasts, just in the cover?  We don't see just Louise's bright red, it's contrasted by this muted blue color.  And with Louise's enthusiasm we see Andie's too-cool appearance.  And of course, we can't help but notice the dog/cat contrast!  But what brings them together in this book is art.  And while art brings them together, what happens when artistic differences occur?  I think I even spotted some references to a certain artist, maybe one that Andie was named after?

And if you love Kelly's illustrations as much as I do, be sure to check out her blog where she announces a new picture book that will be published in 2017!  The illustrations look amazing!

Until then, make sure you look for Louise and Andie The Art of Friendship by Kelly Light on June 14th!

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